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Yeah, Kel Tecs are good, until they break..

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Just took my new two tone gen 2 M&P 9mm S2000 to the range for the first time today.
What a fun gun, sheesh. I put about 80 rounds through it, no issues. Range master was talking about it being accurate, was wondering why I was off. Low left. Told him I just bought it and my first time shooting it.
Made a couple adjustments to the sight, and it's right on at 20 yards.
Id like to shoot it further, gotta go out to the glades or something for that.

Told my boss' son about it, since he's all into guns and knives and ****. He says, yeah they are nice, until they break.
I laughed because it's funny. Anyone have their break when it probably shouldn't?

My first gun was the P-11. Only issues I had with that was ejecting issues. Tightened my grip when shooting, issue solved.

I guess Kel tec will always have their haters, but is it for good reason?

I love this thing so far though man! Looking into getting that rotating red dot next.

All this stuff was at 20 yards from brand new, to a few adjustments.
Mind you, I'm pretty new to most guns.
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The groups will get tighter as you get used to the gun. They are nice shooters. My problem is old eyes, but even with that, I was getting a dollar sized ragged hole at 25 yards once I figured out my cheek weld and shoulder position.
Everything is good until it breaks. Will your Kel-Tec break? Who knows. I wouldn't worry about it however. KT will take care of that gun forever if you are the first owner. Keep your original receipt and if you ever need service just contact them and they will have you sent it in for repair.

Shoot it, its what you bought it for. Don't worry about things that will likely never happen. I had an ols Sub9, one of the first subs made, and it was shot so much it wore out the firing pin. I emailed KT and they sent me a new one right out in the mail. No charge, no problems.
Heard that. I crashed my motorcycle years ago, landed in my P-11 which bruised my kidney, and broke the extractor. Emailed, sent them the gun, got it back in I believe 3-4 weeks all working, no charge.

I've started to notice that most of the people who say that Kel Tecs suck or break, tend to have a lot nicer guns, hence, more money. Gun snobs if you will.
Maybe they are upset that you can get some real innovative stuff from Kel tec at a good price. Who knows.
The guy who said this yesterday is my boss' son, whom my boss tells me, he really knows a lot about all these guns out there. And blows bucks on it all.
I bet he's never owned a Kel tec, just reads the Internet.
Great that you are well pleased with your sub. In all likelihood given reasonable care you should continue to get good service from your weapon. But don't build it up to be more than it is or you may be disappointed. It is an innovated gun with a capital I. I am well pleased with mine it often rides "stealth shot gun" when I venture out. It trumps any handgun in a defensive role once it's deployed and it deploys very quickly if you practice a bit. A low powered carbine that is able to go when bringing a rifle would prove "awkward". That is the nitch it was designed to fill. At this point in time it has no rivals.
As to gun snobs they come in a few variation. Kel tecs have their share of issues QC being a large one. To their credit I think they have been taking steps to alleviate that situation. In the real world there are limits and trade offs, One of Kel tecs priorities seems to be keeping the MSRP low. The result is innovative guns that may have to be returned to sort out details a bit more often than guns costing more.
Be realistic about their products you should be pleased...thinking they are aways as good out of the box as a typical Sig, Smith or Ruger is unrealistic.
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The only thing that concerns me is "high" round count I believe it used to say the su-16 barrel was only good to 3k rounds to me that is unacceptable (apologize in Advance if I got the number wrong)
I would be very sad if any firearm I have couldn't shoot 3000 rounds....
The only thing that concerns me is "high" round count I believe it used to say the su-16 barrel was only good to 3k rounds to me that is unacceptable (apologize in Advance if I got the number wrong)
At one time the P32 and P3AT were considered shot out at around 6,000 rounds. They are teeny tiny very lightweight concealed carry pistols, and should NEVER reach 6,000 rounds fired in their lifetimes. This should be logically obvious to anybody who owns one. I know my 10+ year old P3AT probably has less than 1,000 rounds through it. I shoot MAYBE 100 rounds a year out of it. Enough to periodically confirm function and hit what I'm aiming at.

This round rule was never applied to or observed for any of Kel-tec's other weapons.
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