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Just wanna add another first time user testimony, mostly to aid those who have not yet purchased, as this was a place I visited before purchasing for myself...

Brand new 2nd gen P-3AT, added belt clip, cleaned and oiled with Mil-Tec, visited range with 100rds of Magtech...

Bullet Feeding:
One failure to completely eject and I'm convinced that it was because I started having too much fun and was rock-n-rolling through the rounds in that mag as fast as I could recover from recoil (and with one hand). It happened about halfway through the first box.

The one failure wasn't horrible, basically a casing got caught with it's ass in the air and it's head in the chamber. I held the slide open with one hand and scooped it out. No biggie.

I'm used to my 1911 .45 and XD .40 subcompact so the recoil was very managable for me. Not as much push as the .45 gives, less jumpy than the .40, but the unexpected pop does make it feel like the little bugger's gonna jump out of your hand. I can see where it might surprise a first-time user seeing as how the gun is so light, but it seems only marginally punchier than a .22lr micro like the Beretta Bobcat.

For the caliber and the frame size, excellent design, won't complain. But as a small computer-monkey type guy, I felt like perhaps someone who works with their hands more often would be comfortable shooting this piece without mods.

For myself, I anticipated this might be the case and brought with some rubbery elastic athletic wrap (grippy but not sticky), and an old mousepad (as was suggested by another user, forgive me for not remembering who).

So as was suggested, I took a piece of the old mousepad and set a strip onto the back of the grip and wrapped it with this rubber wrap stuff. It's ugly but very comfy! The one issue left is a slightly raw finger from the trigger's return path. I have a plan for that, maybe I'll post with pics if it works.

Honestly, I'm not used to this gun yet. And every gun has it's own learning curve to shrink your group up, so I can imagine one has to make a couple range trips with such a unique piece before you get used to it. My group started awful but by the end I could tell I was getting into the rhythm much better. I'm still pulling to the right quite a bit, but I have a feeling that I'm just getting used to that long trigger pull.

Overall Impression:
Very happy. I bought this gun so I'd have something I wouldn't mind carrying while in shorts and a tee this summer and it seems perfect for what it is. I can't be sure to get the center of a target at 50 feet, but I can shoot a decent group at 25, and carry it comfortably and use it confidently if (heaven forbid) I should have to. I cleaned it and wore it the rest of the day. If I can find one, my next purchse will be the PF-9.

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guardian_strangel,Take a piece of 400 grit sand paper to the side of your trigger and take down the sharp edge,that will help the finger.Just make it round and smooth like a combat trigger. 8)

Guardian... Glad to have you here.

Glad your first time out went well. Seems that past few days more good reports than bad!

I would consider the fluff and buff, good clean and lube.

golden loki fluff and buff

new gun prep


lubrication hints/tips

Keep shooting and keep reporting!
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