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I have a Compact Forend, SU16-920, for an SU-16 available as a trade. I had one on back-order that I had forget and bought another one. Meanwhile the back-ordered one came in. So I have two. $47.70 is the retail price for comparison.

I'm looking to trade for magazines to fit SU16(20 round Magpul PMAG preferred or factory 10s), PMR-30, or P3AT. Also interested in a SU16 sling. I would also be interested in Ruger Mark III or 10/22 mags. Other interesting trades will be entertained but no wifes or kids.   ;)       An Avatar 3D Blu Ray would be a FANTASTIC trade for me but I am just dreaming.

I suppose that if no deals are made for trades I will put it up for sale but for now I am just looking for trades.

Please PM or e-mail me with your possible trades.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts