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My wife grabbed these at a gunshow recently, and while beautiful she didnt like the way they feel.

Made of an unknown hardwood, they are dark with a very shiny finish.  Both left and right sides have a small thumbrest.  They meet together without a gap to form nice finger grooves.  Like new, put on, used for one or two range sessions, and removed again.

I would like to get most of my money back out of them so that would be $55 shipped.  As a non-firearm, I will be using cheap, slow shipping unless someone wants to throw in $5 more for faster delivery.  

Note: the image of the back of the item is truer to color.  The shiny "seen" part of the grips is hard to capture in a camera and turned a little more reddish in the lighting.

Thanks for looking! Note: in or around chattanooga TN area can meet up, will reduce price for local trade.
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