WTS PLR-16 & Russian SKS. FTF in Phx. Area. SOLD

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    Jan 27, 2005
    SOLD  Selling Kel-Tec PLR-16 .223 Pistol. As new in box, unfired since I bought it. If you’re looking for one you know the info on them so I won’t bore you with the details. If you do want more info PM me. Includes 1-10 rd mag., and I’ll add 1-20 rd. AR-15 mag., along with the stuff  I got in the box. FTF in Phx., AZ area ONLY. Sorry, I do not ship.    $475.00  SOLD

    SOLD  Also have a Russian SKS for sale. 1953 Tula manufacture. This was a KBI import. The stock HAS been replaced at some point as shown by the restamping of the S/N. There is a faint refurb. mark on the stock only, but the rest of the gun appears in original condition. Bluing is quite good for a 57 year old military gun. NO refurb. marks on the metal that I can see. Exposed numbers all match. No electric pencil markovers other than the gas tube, which I believe is as it should be. Bolt and muzzle crown are in original finish condition, as is the blade bayonet. Some wear on the edges of the buttstock plate. Overall the gun is in very good shape, as the pictures show. Includes box and the stuff that came with it (sling, oiler, stripper clip, manual, etc.). I have not fired this since I bought it from the dealer a few years ago. $450.00  SOLD
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    Re: WTS PLR-16. ANIB. FTF in Phx. Area.

    Oh poop.

    I'm tempted.  BIG TIME.   :-X

    *Runs away*  I'll keep my eyes on this...

    PM sent. :cool: