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I finally seem to have found a GREAT shirt-maker that is professional, does great work, and delivers on time.  They also are offering more styles and colors.  The last run worked out great, but some people missed the order deadline or wanted more after they got their first order.  I’ve also been getting a lot of requests lately for shirts.  So, I'm going to do a new run of shirts for everyone, and am offering a few new styles!
I will be taking orders until Sunday, February 13 and the order with my shirt maker will go in on Monday, February 14.  I should have the shirts in my hands and shipping out by the end of the last week of February at the latest and they will ship out immediately by Priority Mail.  

Here's the procedure for getting the shirts (this makes it a LOT easier for me to track and ship these things ASAP)

Email me ([email protected]) with the following:

1 - Number, color, style (short-sleeve, tank top (Male or Female), baby-doll,  long-sleeve, hoodie, or sweatshirt) and sizes you want –

2 - Your name and address – I will ship international, though the shipping is a bit higher – email me and I’ll get you a quote

3 - How you would like to pay for them (Check, Money Order, Paypal)

Colors, Styles, and Sizes:

Shirts now come in multiple colors  - an ash grey (very nice), a light pink,  and black,  plus there are a blue and a red “patriotic” style, digital camo in Urban, Green, and Desert, and woodland camo in Urban, Green, and Pink- shirts are high-quality, long lasting, very soft.  I've never gotten an email from any of my previous customers saying, "The shirt shrunk, faded, looks horrible after 3 months, etc." - these really are quite nice shirts.

Shirts come in SIX (three new added) styles - short-sleeve, long-sleeve, sweatshirt, "baby-doll", tank top (specify male or female) and Hoodies.  The hoodies have the graphic on the back.   They are pull-over style with hoods and drawstrings, and hand-warmer pockets in front on the bottom.    NOTE – only the ash grey, black, and pink are available in all the styles – the patriotic and camo shirts are only available in the short sleeve style.

Many sizes to choose from – most shirt styles and colors come in Children’s Small up to Children’s XL, and Adult Small up to Adult 2XL.  Sizes and colors above 2XL are limited.  
Short Sleeve Ash and Black up to 5XL, Pink only goes up to 3XL, Camo and Patriotic are available in Adult Small up to 2XL
Long Sleeve  - Black goes up to 5XL, Ash up to 3XL, and Pink up to 2XL
Sweatshirt Black go up to 5XL, Ash up to 3XL, Pink up to 2XL
Baby-Doll all colors from Adult Small up to 2XL (no kid’s sizes)
Tank Tops all colors from Adult Small up to 2XL (no kid’s sizes) (women’s tanks are in a “sport grey”, not ash – no men’s Pink tanks)
Hoodies - the sizes are light pink S - 2X, ash S - 3X and black S - 5X.  The Children’s Hoodies have light pink S - L, ash and black S - XL


Any size (short-sleeve) up to XL is $20.00, 2XL is $22.00, 3XL is $23.00, 4XL and 5XL is $24.00

Long-sleeve shirts - up to XL is $24.00, 2XL is $25.00, 3XL is $26.00, 4XL and 5XL is $27.00

Sweatshirts - to XL is $25.00, 2XL is $27.00, 3XL is $28.00, 4XL and 5XL is $29.00

Baby Doll - to XL is $22.00, 2XL is $24.00

Tank Tops - to XL is $22.00, 2XL is $24.00

Hoodies - to XL is $30.00, 2XL is $32.00, 3X $34, 4X $36, 5XL $38

Patriotic and camo shirts – to XL is $26.00, 2XL is $28.00

Shipping via 2-3 day Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation is $6.00 for 1 shirt, and an extra $2.50 per shirt after that.

Check, MO, or Paypal is good for payments. If using Paypal, add 4% to the total payment, including the shipping.

** When you email me your order, include your full name and mailing address. I will email you back with the total.

Thanks again for this opportunity to provide these for you.  

[email protected]

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Get your orders in - lots of great colors, styles, etc.

Here's a pic of some of the digital urban shirts that made their way to South Africa!

By erickelly1 at 2011-01-27
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