WTS: "High Capacity" Makarov

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    A "true" Makarov, not the CZ82. This is the actual Makarov design with the grip/magazine well and magazine design modified for double-column mags, raising from the 8 round single-stack capacity to 12+1 of 9x18 Makarov in a very compact package. Specifically designed and marketed to the western civilian market, this is the gun I took my fist CC test with. It is reliable, accurate, comfortable, and fun.

    The gun is in excellent condition. Low wear, not many rounds, and no carry wear. It's low mileage. I purchased it at the tail end of the Clinton gun ban of '94 (somewhere around 2003 or 2004). They didn't import many of them and they are hard to find. No Makarov collection is complete without this gun.

    It comes with 3 "high capacity" mags. One 10-round "Clinton compliant" mag and two 12-round mags. The mags are even harder to get than the gun. The 10ers go for as much as $100 and the 12's can get up to $150.

    Included in the deal is the the original box, adjustment/take down tool, cleaning tool, Inspector's quality certificate, manual, all original documents and paperwork, including warranty cards and safety manual. Basically I saved everything except for the original receipt.

    $750. Price includes shipping to FFL.

    Item is listed on other forums and sale locations. The first I'll take it wins by time stamp.

    Peace favor your sword,
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