WTS ArmaLaser w/GURU pocket Holster $150.00

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    Money Order or PayPal for quick shipping (PM me for instructions).  Personal checks will require bank clearing before shipment

    This is a USED Laser Sight (~ 1 1/2 year old), manufactured by ARMALASER in the USA, designed for the Kel-Tec P3AT or Kel-Tec P32 pistols.  Complete with all hardware and a set of batteries

    * Does not interfere with the grip on these small pistols
    * It is extremely tough and durable
    * Has Touch-Sensor Technology
    * Turns on when you insert your finger into the trigger guard and turns off after ~ 15 second after your finger is removed from the trigger guard
    * Uses common ”Reasonably Priced” batteries
    (To be on the safe side I change the batteries at the seasonal daylight saving days, twice a year along with the house smoke detector batteries)


    This Laser will come with a, slightly USED, GURU, back pocket leather holster Pocket Holster. This is a, hard to find, genuine - no print - leather Kel Tec P3AT / P32 pocket holster (Can be used in the front or back pocket). This holster normally retail for $60.00, it is not a cheap cloth front pocket only holster.

    Money Order or PayPal for quick shipping. Personal checks will require Bank clearing before shipment

    Weight: 1.2 oz. (37gr.) Installed w/Batteries
    Power: (4) 1.5v Batteries #357
    Laser: 5mW Ultra-Bright Red, Strongest Available
    Beam Dia.: 5mm
    Visibility: 15 yds. Sunny Day Advertised but not really low/no light Best
    Adjustable: Windage & Elevation
    Battery Life:     Average use & "Ready to Fire" 4-6 months     "Continuous On"  4 hours on one set of batteries
    Housing: Dupont Zytel polymer
    Solidly attaches to frame and maintains zero.