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  1. wow6599

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    Looking for a .44 mag - S&W or Ruger - Sale or trade.
  2. lcdrdanr

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    Nov 4, 2004
    I'm not gonna sell off my Redhawk and I would guess you are looking for a shooter so I'm not sure if my S&W 29-2, pinned and recessed in Nickel with the 4" barrel and in the oak presentation case with tools is gonna do much for you either, particularly at the price I would have to ask.

    Got another S&W 29-3, blued, 6" barrel, in the oak presentation case with tools, Faux ivory grips and target grips but, again, the price might throw you off.

    Also have a Single action Hawes Western Marshal, made by J P Saur & Sohn, Germany in the late 60's/early 70's with Rosewood grips. It's a Colt SAA clone, plow handle single action that's a pretty good shooter (if you like single action, fixed sights). I bought it thinking I might get into cowboy shooting, then bought another just like it in .45 Colt and without a double holster set up, I really don't have much use for both of them. Haven't sold it because I'm too lazy to list it...... ;D

    I know you specified Ruger or S&W but I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Taurus Model 44, came out back in 1992 I think, around then, I had one with an 8" barrel that was exceptionally accurate and didn't cost an arm and a leg to buy. I took several Texas whitetail deer with mine, two with iron sights and one with a scope and all three of them just laid down and twitched when they were hit. None over 75 yards though if I recall correctly. I sold that gun a couple of years ago and still regret it, I mention it so that you might consider it along with the Ruger and S&W.

    Why a .44 Mag ? Any particular reason or is it just a desire to be Dirty Harry ?????

    Dan R

  3. wow6599

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    Thanks for the reply lcdrdanr. I just got in to magnum revolvers and started with a GP100 4". After Ruger took it back twice and got it right, I have an addiction to revolvers. I will not EVER get rid of my GP100, but I find it "weak". I think the next step is a .44 Mag (41 Mag ammo is to hard to come across) and I only buy American made products, i.e. S&W or Ruger. I can't find a new S&W or Ruger anywhere - for a good price.
    Still looking though.

  4. lcdrdanr

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    Nov 4, 2004
    They're out there, maybe not at the price you hope for though. I think in this market that looking for a new revolver in .44 Mag would mean paying top dollar.

    Used, maybe a better market. I personally consider any used gun sold in the US as an American gun, I mean all the money I put into it is going to an American .......... Anyway, if you were to look for used guns, I suspect a S&W Model 29 would run in the high 600's up to $1000 depending on condition and extras, A Ruger Redhawk probably in the high $400's to $600's, a Super Redhawk maybe another hundred bucks and a Blackhawk, new model, nothing special, maybe a hundred bucks less.

    Those are just wags, condition, grips, extras are all gonna change the picture. I have been shooting the .44 Mag for 20 years and, although I have moved on to the 500 S&W, still do a lot of .44 shooting. I have found that there are a lot of .44 mags out there that have had one or two boxes run through them and then they haven't been shot in 20 or 25 years. I bought a Ruger Redhawk from a lady one time whose husband had passed awy, the gun was in the original box with the original receipt and a box of ammo with 6 rounds missing. The gun had 4 live rounds in the cylinder and two empties. She said "He only shot it once"; I immediately said "Twice".

    Do you reload ? You might want to take it up if you really get into this caliber unless you are independently wealthy. I cast most of my bullets for the .44's, use a 240 grain gas checked SWC as my "go to" bullet and light load it with 2400 usually. I usually use factory stuff for hunting because I want a premium bullet and don't want to buy them for loading. Besides, it gives me a source of brass !!!!!!

    Dan R
  5. Dan-

    I can't believe you failed to mention the Dan Wesson option!

    I have Dan Wessons in .22, .357, and 44Mag. GREAT ACCURACY.

    You can find them on Gun Broker from time to time at good prices.
  6. lcdrdanr

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    Nov 4, 2004
    You're Right, WOW, I COULDA HAD A V-8, I mean, a Dan Wesson.

    Of Course, Dan Wesson, large frame, 44 Mag, was available in blued, stainless and a few in case hardened, extremely accurate, capability of switching barrel length by changing barrels and shrouds, built like a tank, If I remember right at one time someone claimed over 90% of the Silouhette shooters in the US were using a Dan Wesson revolver. What's not to like??. Even the prices are still more than reasonale although like everything else they are starting to creep up.

    You can still find a slew of optional stuff on GunBroker, Auction Arms, and even E-Bay, stuff like different grips (they even had an inletted block of wood that you could carve your own style grip !), different sights, scope bases, barrels and shrouds, Wolffe springs, holsters, etc..

    I think if I were looking for a shooter I would go for a Dan Wesson over the much more costly S&W or Ruger. You might be able to find one used for under $400 and I doubt you will ever see that on either a smith or a ruger double action.

    Dan R

  7. I have several grips for all of mine, including the block of wood for the .44.

    I put it on from time to time and pretend that Glock makes a .44 Mag.! :D

    OK Thread Hi-jack over.
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    Dec 22, 2004
  9. jekdahl

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    Feb 22, 2009
    If you would be interested in a 4" S&W Model 629 in excellent condition, I have one up for grabs. I only put a couple of hundred .44 Specials through it. $750.
  10. wow6599

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    PM sent
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    Feb 22, 2009
    My bad. I had a brain malfunction & incorrectly listed the S&W as a 629. It's actually the 329 - the lightweight version. I see you sent a PM, but being somewhat new to this site, I don't know how to look for those. Sorry!
  12. Oldtimer

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    Jul 21, 2008
    Take your time and look around. 2 months ago I picked up a 629 with 8 3/8 missing front sight blade at Cabelas' for $550. New sight blade cost about $30. Then a month ago I picked up a 629 with 6 1/2 and Simmons scope off Guns America for $520. Last week I picked up 629 with 6 inch in a pawn shop with wrong rubber grips on it for $450.00. There's bargins out there if you look. I also picked up a 3" 686 at Cabelas for $450. Wheel guns aren't as popular as autos so you can find so good deals.