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Just because one can hit a static target from an unmoving position does NOT mean that one is a force to be reckoned with. Competition proves the gear under stress, and the user under stress, at least at first. Then the user becomes stress free but the gear still proves itself. Things that don't work in competition also won't work in the real world when it counts.

If there is an interest let me know and I'll start one, or you can. My idea is anything relating to competition. Sad stories that we can cry into our beers together over, gear, happy results, firearms, anything that relates to competition and not only KT firearms but they are OK too. Sure KT firearms are competition worthy!

Gear pics? Great! any other pics? Great! I confess I don't know how to link to a video but if that's possible clue me in so that I can post them also along with you.

Anyway, is there an interest?
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