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    Aug 11, 2010
    hi all, i've been carrying my Keltec 380 for a few years and began to get worried because i've never broke it down to the point where i cleaned or checked the fire pin, ect? Since this is my main carry weapon I am desperately looking for information in buying/updating what needs to be replaced and cleaning areas i've yet to even seen. I occaionally break down my home weapon/glock and see the firing pin, so i am worried that with my carrying gun I never have?

    i would deeply appreciate any information on how to do this, i also plan on calling the company and begging them to sell me replacement parts, considering i have extra parts for all my weapons except my carry.. =( is there anyway i can buy them online without calling the company?

    thanks a lot for any info.
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    check this link and the others related to it for instructions.


    If it goes bang every time you pull the trigger I wouldn't worry too much unless you've submerged it in water.

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    Accessing the firing pin is not difficult but the process/steps depend on whether you have a 1st or 2nd gen P3AT.  I'll assume it is 2nd gen.  You remove the extractor screw on the little leaf spring.  That screw also secures the firing pin.  Clean out the firing pin channel and the pin and spring. Some folks take a slightly undersized drill bit and turn it by hand. Others simply spray some solvent through there (gun blaster, ect). A pipe cleaner might work.  Maybe polish the pin and spring with some 800 grit, very lightly lube and wipe off clean, then reinstall.  Make sure the screw faces the flat side of the pin.  Put a drop of blue locktite on the top of the screw threads and snug it.

    As for replacement parts, KT service dept will send you free parts if you need them to fix a problem.  If you want spare parts, KT parts dept will sell them to you, no problem.  Compared to your Glock, KT parts are cheap.
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    Aug 11, 2010
    thanks you both very much, i will be doing this my weekend off possibly after test firing, its been way too long. thanks again for the quick responses!

    ps it is a 2nd gen.

    i plan on asking them what they recommend i buy to back it up. i'd like anything that possibly could wear over years of storing, i do not fire this much at all, but i guess parts that wear such as springs too. if anyone knows a list of the most important items feel free to share.

    thanks again for the help guys.