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Is the Winchester Ranger Talon .380 ACP the same ammunition as the Winchester Ranger Law Enforcement Ammunition 95 gr. T-Series..RA380T?

If so, I have shot about 25 rounds of it in my P-3AT. I haven't done any test of any kind other than making sure it feeds and shoots OK in my pistol.

Which it does just fine. Maybe slightly more recoil than other standard brands...but, that may just be my imagination! :)

I carry my P-3AT daily with one Ranger HP round in the chamber, then a Remington 95 ga. FMJ round, and so on alternating a HP round and then a FMJ round in the clip.

Why do I do this? Heck if I know,,,it just seemed a good idea when I was loading the clip!! :cool:

Old Bill
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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