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    Jun 9, 2020
    Computer nerd here. From the description of the buildings, and space inbetween, like @socrates mentions most "wifi extenders" are simply going to work like crap. Esp anything labeled as an "extender." 80% of those products are underpowered trash. Anything worth it is expensive.

    A practical, and cheap solution:

    Run a length of 10//100 ethernet to your office, buy an actual quality router and put it in "repeater" (aka, "Access Point" mode) mode in your space. (It doesn't sound like your relationship with your neighbor is up for that kinda work though.)

    There's a small chance that with a quality wifi router could be installed in your home against the wall closest to his building (w/o a cable run) also put in AP mode, could "extend" that signal. But I wouldn't bet my business on it.

    I promise you, anything else is going to be a waste of your time and/or money. I can't tell you the number of frustrated customers that I've dealt with, insisting on getting those "extender" products no matter how much I try to tell them don't.
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    Thanks for those whole responded positively. Looks like dazed is right, I put too much faith in a box of wires. Good advice in this thread. I will just go without or use my phone if I really need it that bad which doesn't happen really at all.

    Normally I don't respond to negativity but maybe I should be more clear as to my situation. I am an enginamer, spelling is not our strength. You want to know how many words I am typing right that have a red line beneath them? haha

    I make more than most people my age, I don't need to steal or moch around. But I may not be here for long as the building might be sold. Why get internet set up if I don't need it 100% of the time to run my business? Why get a brand new car when my $200 car with rust listed as its official color works just fine? I don't know, helping people and allowing people to help you when offered is how we all survive this crazy difficult world. It seems in this world the latter is more misunderstood than the former.

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    Have you tried aluminum foil on the antenna? it worked good for UHF/VHF antennas!
    heck you gotta be at least 50 to know that trick.
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    You could try a high gain directional antenna. A Yagi or a waveguide possibly.









    You will need a "pigtail" to hook it up to your computer/router/whatever. A pigtail is a short length of cable with the appropriate connector on each end. Typically an external antenna will have an "N-female" connector for 2.4GHz WiFi, so if that is your case, one end of your pigtail would need to be an "N-male". The other end is whatever you need to connect to (your router or computer). Some routers have an "SMA" connector built in to them. If that is your case, you would need an opposite gender SMA on your pigtail to connect to it.

    Don't get carried away in the length of your pigtail. Both longer lengths and smaller diameter (higher loss) cables will knock down the signal you are working so hard to increase. Keep the cable as short and as low-loss as practical and affordable. If you're only going a foot or two, then you can use thin diameter cable - like LMR100 or RG316. You can use longer lengths of this cable (a few feet more) if you are willing to live with higher signal loss (that works against the point of your high gain antenna, but if your antenna has a gain of 15dB I would not be too worried about 2dB of loss in the cable. YMMV.)

    Probably easier and more reliable to get your own internet service provider, but that choice is up to you. Depends on your tolerance of outages/problems, cost, and a neighbor willing to share their WiFi with you.