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    Jul 25, 2005
    In the strip of trees along my drive, I noticed a 30'X18" dead pine that had leaned over into the limbs of a nearby tree.  I look the area over and felt pretty comfortable using my small back hoe to give it a shove to clear the limbs that were holding it.  a light shove and it fell as expected.  

    while looking at the leaner, I notice a simialar size tree beside it was also dead.  Again walked around and was sure if I shoved it a little it would fall between some other trees in a safe direction.  well the roots for this one were not completely rotten, as I nudged it in the direction I wanted it to fall, there was a little snap.  the tree did a little whip which caused the top section to snap and somersalt and stab into the ground about a foot from me  :eek:.

    However that wasn't the worst of it, the snap and the whip caused the lower section to fall 90 degrees from the way I wanted it to and it fell unobstructed on to a group of garden statues.  Two of them are now dust.  I now fear what is going to happen when the wife finds out.  ::)

    So while working in your woods, even being carefull is not enough, be extra careful
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    Nov 26, 2006

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    I've been downing about 50 trees along a part of my driveway, near my neigbors yard. Good solid live trees. Like Bert says, plan the work and then work the plan. I work solo with chains, hand winches and a saw. No room for heros or egos.
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    as for trying to avoid possiblites of an accident, I would think I am more conscientious than most. I did spend conciderable time walking the area and making a plan to drop that tree between two where I wanted it to go

    falling back on that safety training to now analize what caused a near miss, it would be may lack of knowledge of dealing with dead trees. If it was alive and I cut the base, the slight push in the direction of desired fall would have been safe. the two unexpected events on my part was the snap of the root that was on just one side and the weakness that caused the tree to break into.

    I forgot to add, the tree was FULL of redbugs that dispersed in a cloud around me. now my neck in the V of the shirt opening itches this morning.
    Of course I was wearing gloves, long sleeves and a bump cap.

    My biggest concern still is when the Wife notices two statutes missing.