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I recently bought a TX22 and after getting decided to install a red dot sight due to being far sighted and having a harder time seeing the decent sights on the TX22, but I was worried that it may not run as smoothly as I want if I did this. Well I took my TX22 after running some 250 rds thru it, which it ate everything I feed it, and installed a AT3 ARO red dot sight which I had lying around, ordered the correct mounting plate for it and installed it. Range testing found after trying different types/brands of ammo I made it a little more picky on ammo but ran reliable on the std velocity ammo regardless of brand. Big relief, so now I ask if you run one on your pistol, which one and why?

My older eyes like the red dot vs the white 3 dot Taurus sights which are decent, but old eyes and being far sighted don't help. Once I started playing with red dot sights lately I noticed all of them seemed to be a little blurry, seems I have a astigmatism in one of my eyes. But still even with this I am more accurate with the red dot vs irons. My ARO sight is a 3.25 MOA red dot sight and works great. Total added weight to the gun was 1.71 ounces which really hasn't seem to affect it's reliability unless I'm using subs in it which I never will really so no loss there. As long as it stays put I think I will keep it there and use it as my "fun gun".

Who's next? Pictures too please.

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ARD is a sight I use on my Smith and Wesson SDVE 9mm. Works well, but doesn't fit a holster too easily. I like a laser. Much easier to use once sighted in and I have a holster made for it. Looks like you have one already. I now use fiber optic sights, no red dot,and the laser only.
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