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On my 9mm competition handgun I have a Holosun open red dot with solar panels. The gun has tall sights and that's a plus when looking for the dot. Use the sights to get on target (sort of) then transition to the dot once it's seen. It takes a small amount of practice.

I have a competition rimfire w/o irons like the above and it's hell trying to find the dot, also due to the different grip angle. But it's used in a game where I can find the dot then give the "OK , I'm ready.". So it works. But I'm going to move to the CP33 with a cheek weld and a different sight that always aligns. Always. (see next paragraph)

It wasn't asked but red dots align nicely on rifles to include SBRs, and also arm braced handguns. Also cheeked handguns like the CP33. Just set it up correctly so that when it's properly shouldered or brought up one immediately sees the dot. Don't adjust the body to see the dot, instead mount the sight to accommodate the body. I've had folks question the high mounts on my straight recoil stocks. Then they try them and see the light. Back to handguns... they are quite different. If irons can be kept on and raised up it helps alot. So does a huge amount of dry fire practice, and stay with one grip angle to program muscle memory. If only the front sight can be raised that's a help.

I'm a decades old 1911 shooter and changing grip angle with a red dot equipped handgun can be an exercise in searching for the dot. I already gave the solution so I'd be repeating myself. :)
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