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I finally received my White Hat MaxTuck Holster, and I figured I'd share my initial experiences for anyone who's interested in an IWB Hybrid holster.

[Pictures in the future]

White Hat's MaxTuck can be closely compared to Crossbreed' SuperTuck. Both holsters feature kydex retention with a leather (cow/horse) backing for comfort. What sets them apart from all others is their modular design. Unlike Crossbreed, the kydex is replaceable, so you do not need to purchase a complete holster for a different pistol. Furthermore, White Hat is the only company I've found that provides customized kydex! Anything from the basic solid colors to camo designs to patriotic designs... even one of a kind designs can be created to add a personal touch. They also feature the usual belt clips, J-hooks, and Velcro clips.

Initial reaction:
The holster I chose was the Natural Horsehide MaxTuck with the standard black kydex.

[To be continued... at work... ran out of time :p]
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