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Which Sub 2K for Sig P226 mags??

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I was doing some research trying to figure out which variants of sub2k can use 9mm sig P226 mags and am a little confused. It appears on Keltec's website that there is a dedicated sig model in gen 2 but I have read on here about changing mag catches on beretta models etc.

Bottom line is I am looking for which GEN 2 sub 2k in 9mm I can modify or use right out of the box with Sig P226 mags. Trying to widen my search field as much as possible so I can pick one up if I ever find anything reasonably priced in stock.

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We have a FAQ page stickied to the top of this forum. It's full of all kinds of info, just what you're looking for.
Thanks! I read through most of that thread and found a google doc with some magazine interchangeability info but almost all of that info pertained to GEN 1 sub 2k's.

If this statement: FYI, the Glock models cannot be changed to any of the other 3 versions. *The S&W, Beretta and Sigs can be switched back and forth by changing the mag catch, but none of them can be changed over to Glock.
holds true for Gen 2 models then looks like I am good with any sig, s&w or beretta models?
Yup, it's the same for Gen2 models.
You want to find the "Multi-Mag" version of the Gen 2. It will accept Sig226, Beretta 92/96, and S&W M&P catches as they become available. They should be available from Kel-tec's store sometime in the near future. Currently the only dedicated mag versions of the Gen 2 are the Glock 17/22 or 19/23, and the S&W M&P.
Must be an off day for me. LOL
Go to this link. Scroll down to the lower part and click on the grip area for parts, then scroll down the pictures. There is now a Gen 2 SIG226 mag catch listed for $12.50 as in stock. So if you can find a NON-Glock Gen 2 you should be able to swap catches. But I really encourage you to verify this over the phone with Kel-tec.
The same catch is good for Gen1 and Gen2. I emailed them and asked for a Sig catch for my Beretta gun, because I couldn't find one for Gen1 on their web site, and they sent me one free. It says Gen2 on it but they said to use it anyway and it works.

It's hard to beat their customer service...
Great community here- appreciate all the feedback! Hope the multi mag models come out soon but if not, sounds like I have options for GEN2. Thanks!
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