Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-22?

Discussion in 'SU-22' started by henktermaat, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. henktermaat

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    Dec 13, 2008
    Can anyone give us a review or recommendations on which suppressors did or did not work with the SU-22? are there any that fit right onto the threaded barrel?

    thanks! :)
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    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    I can get you started by saying there are definitely suppressors that just screw onto the 1/2-28 threads on the SU-22 muzzle. A guy where I was shooting "backyard IPSC" had a .22 suppressor that I think he used on a Walther P-22? It was an aluminum bodied can about 6" long, but I've forgotten the brand. We screwed it on to my SU-22C in a couple of seconds and it was noticeably quieter with high velocity ammo, and when we shot subsonic ammo it sounded like a small pneumatic stapler. Pffft. That's it.

    I'm not paying $200 to the government for a suppressor and I'm certainly not giving them my finger prints and acting like I'm a criminal to jump through their stupid hoops, but I must admit that it was fun as hell shredding a pop can without making any noise.

  3. henktermaat

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    Dec 13, 2008
    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    So... 1/2-28 is the number I'm looking for?
  4. Liberty4Ever

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    May 19, 2006
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    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    I'm hoping that someone who owns a suppressor will speak to your concerns. I'm only competent to complain about the federal laws that keep me from buying a suppressor at Wal*Mart. :)

    I think any .223 suppressor will work on .22 LR although they'll be overkill, and any .22 LR will work with the SU-22. Both have 1/2-28 right hand threads.

    If you put a .22 LR suppressor on a .223, it'll probably have a short lifespan, and possibly a very short life span, and even if it survives it may not work as well considering it was designed for much less muzzle blast.

    Any suppressor owners have the straight story?
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    Mar 3, 2009
    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    I thought but wasn't sure that 22lr caused more fouling and its better to have one the comes apart to clean. I double checked and that appears to be the case. Here is what I found.

    Can I use a .223 suppressor on my 22LR ?
    Yes, but this is not recommended by some knowledgeable people in the industry. The main reason is that 22LR causes a great deal of fouling in the internals of the can which requires a great deal of cleaning and can necessitate a can that is able to be taken apart by the end user. If the can cannot be taken apart then it is much more difficult to clean. But more importantly is what will happen when you switch over to .223. First, a solid can that is welded is more durable and better suited for heavy use of a .223 caliber weapon. The problem is going to arise however when the .223 heats up the can to much higher temps than the .22LR did. In the process this could knock some of the fouling build up that remains in the can from the 22LR which in turn could cause serious damage to the baffles as it’s blown out the barrel. This is almost like a plasma cutter effect. The baffles could already be superheated from extended or full auto fire making the internals "soft". The hot carbon that got knocked loose could now be blown out the can striking the baffles on the way out and chewing them up little by little. Over time by switching back and forth between heavy use this could really eat up the internals.

    Something to take into account. All AR15 barrels I've seen have muzzle threaded about 5/8"long and I'm guessing the threaded muzzle on a SU22 is the same as the PLR 16 which is about 3/4" long. I shot suppressed .223 (not mine) and think suppressors are very nice, although I'm like Liberty4ever in that its not worth the hassle to me. So I can't help on which might fit. Here is a link that will probaly get answers to all your questions.

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    Dec 13, 2008
    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    Actually, I have never shot with one. I want something for the end of my SU-22 and thought a suppressor might be fun. I am aware of the hoops to jump thru... sounds like I need to find someone with one and see if I like it first :)

    I have heard some good things about the TAC65. it comes apart for cleaning. I have no idea if it'll screw onto the SU-22 barrel, though. With the tax stamp it becomes more costly than the gun, and that seems wrong...
  7. LowCapacity

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    Feb 22, 2009
    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    My friend has a TAC-65 and we screwed it onto my SU-22, it fits and works great but one issue is the threads on the barrel are WAYYYYY longer than they need to be.  We actually used the thread protector backwards to act as a spacer to take up some thread and then the crush washer on top of that.  Now that I think of it, he posted the video of the suppressed shooting on youtube, I'll find the link and make a new thread.
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    Mar 4, 2009
    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    The 1/2x28 threads per inch is pretty much the universal thread pitch for .22 LR suppressors, so the SU-22 is GTG in that regard. Most call for a thread length of .4" or .43". Like tesset79 mentioned, AR's & some .22 conversions for them use a thread length of .6" however. This some times requires the use of a spacer to keep the end of the muzzle from contacting the blast baffle of the suppressor (this is suppressor dependent). I had a guy thread a barrel of a .17 HMR & he threaded it .6" vs .4" so I have to use a spacer on that also. Not to hurt any one's feelings, but IMO using a thread protector & crush washer as a spacer is asking for a baffle strike. The spacer needs to be square/flush with the end of the barrel so the suppressor remains concentric to the bore. It's not expensive to do it properly.

  9. snuffstuff

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    Feb 12, 2010
    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    Can anyone tell me how long the threads are from muzzle to where the can shoulders on the barrel? Typically when screwed on the muzzle sets about 3/8 to 1/2 inch from the blast baffle. Any closer and the can will be ruined in short order without a spacer. The need for a spacer should never be on a rimfire barrel, the more stacking at the end means the less concentric the bore of the suppressor is to the bore of the barrel. Some rimfire suppressors have tight bores(.250) not much room for play there. The tac 65 has one of the largest bores at .283 which leaves a little room for error. The tac 65 also has about twice the distance than average from muzzle to blast baffle which allows even more room for error. If the muzzle threads are waaay too long, then a potentail hazard exists and there will be alot of very unhappy campers with trashed investments.

    Generally on rimfire barrels anything 1/2 28 will work, larger bore cans may give more peace of mind as factory threaded barrels are not always quite as precise as ones threaded by the specialists.

    Most people are purchasing through the trust route these days. No passport photos, cleo sign-offs, finger printing etc.

    Hope this helps
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    Feb 17, 2010
    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    If you are serious about suppressors, then you should check out John Titsworth's Silencer Research website. He is the only independent source for reviews that aren't biased by the manufacturers. SilencerTalk is owned and moderated by AAC, who is notorious for bad-mouthing their competition (they do make decent silencers, but I won't own one on principle).

    There are free reviews of some suppressors, but you have to pay $30 for the membership for all of the reviews. He has a 2009 review of quite a few .22 suppressors (which requires the subscription). You do have to sign in to view the free ones, but it is spam free.

    When determining what you want, you should decide whether you want a multi-caliber rated suppressor, one that takes apart for cleaning (versus sealed), and you should determine your size/weight constraints (titanium suppressors weigh less but are much more expensive).

    I personally am getting a Liberty Shoofly which is not multicaliber rated, nor is it a take apart and it is very long overall. There is a free review on SilencerResearch for this and it gets a very good review. The only negative is that .22 gets very dirty and accumulates a lead & carbon buildup which deteriorates the efficiency of the suppressor. Liberty offers a free cleaning service for the Shoofly. However there are quite a few additional options that will likely fit your needs and some that won't. Since you are stuck with the suppressor and a $200 non-refundable tax stamp, it is worth the money to make sure you get the one that fits all of your needs and is quiet before committing to one that is inefficient and loud.
  11. MasterSergeantA

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    Mar 12, 2010
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    The industry standard for .22 suppressors...

    ...is a thread pitch of 1/2x28 here in the US. European (and solme older American) cans use a 1/2x20 pitch. So a suppressor that fits on a .223 muzzle will fit a .22LR like the SU-22. A word of warning however...many manufacturers will not warrant a .223 can for use on a .22LR gun because the lead bullets in most .22LR cartridges sublimate (read "shed") particles of lead as they pass through the suppressor and the build up can actually reduce the diameter of the opening until a baffle strike occurs. I have an AAC 9mm can that can be used on a .223, but the warranty specifically calls out the .22LR as a 'no-no'.

    Suppressors for .22LR guns can often be used on .223s, but the higher pressures and velocities of .223 loads can cause premature failure. The dedicated .22LR cans are usually made of lighter and less durable material because they don't need to be so robust as the .223 versions.

    So, are they interchangeable? Yes...but not without risk.

    Besides the threaded cans, twist on varieties can be used on threaded barrels with the simple installation of an adapter. Concentricity to the bore is critical here, but several manufacturers produce adapters that are more than adequate to the task.

    My recommendation would be to buy something like the Gemtech Outback or YHM Mite which is specifically built fo rthe .22LR. But that is just my opinion; I could be wrong.
  12. buffetdestroyer

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    Feb 17, 2010
    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    Yeah, 22 LR is dirty! One of the reasons I chose the Shoofly is that Liberty Suppressors will take the suppressor and clean it for you free of charge after it weighs 50% more than when you bought it.

    If you have a bead blaster, you can get a take-apart suppressor and clean all the lead and carbon accumulations off that way!

    The one thing about suppressors is that they sound absolutely nothing like in the movies. A good one will sound like a staple gun because you have only the sound of the action. Standard .223 will give you a sonic crack that meters between 132 decibels and 139 decibels which is just under hearing safe. .22 is dirty, but gives you better and cheaper subsonic shooting. .223 is very dangerous to load subsonic because the bullet will often stick in your barrel due to a lack of pressure to exit. The next shot will cost your barrel if you don't clear it!

    Once again, Silencer Research has some great info for someone looking for a good can!
  13. videodon

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    Jun 19, 2010
  14. snuffstuff

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    Feb 12, 2010
    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    For clarification on reply 9. Silencertalk is owned and moderated by Robert Silvers not AAC. Silencertalk is funded by advertising.He also does some R & D work for Remington. Remington owns AAC. Robert at one time did do some patent R&D for AAC. AAC is owned by Remington, Remington is owned by "The Group". The Group is owned by Cerberus. Each manufacturer has their own product line to moderate. Admittedly there are some AAC koolaid drinkers there which can get in your face at times. No offense intended but I hate to see ANY manufacturer trash by wrong information. IMHO I would not buy an AAC rimfire or centerfire pistol can because they no longer service them. People that have bought them in the past with service conditions are now left holding the bag so to speak.

    There are other independent testers other than John Titsworth like Al Paulson and Bill Arevalo. Silencer Research is by far the most detailed.

    Ive been around and have meterd. There are a few drawbacks to it. It is not the final authority. Heres a few reasons why.

    1) There are only 2 meters ever made that are fast enough and have a high enough range to capture a gunshot. The most respected and used meter is the BK 2209 using a 4136 mic. The frequency range is from 2 to 70KHZ. There is 50khz read that is beyond human perception. Connect the dots.
    2) The results are not always repeatable. Example-On a 10/22 the tac 65 meters quieter than the Spectre. 6 months later, 800 miles away, different elevation, humidity and tempeture the Spectre meters quiter than the 65.
    3) Theres a few rimfire cans out there that meter quieter than others but still sound like a gunshot while the louder ones do not.

    The shoofly is a good can. Dave is a great guy. His word is good as gold. Congrats on the shoofly.
  15. CountVonC4

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    Feb 15, 2011
    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    For those still interested in what appears to be a good 22LR suppressor might want to check out silencerco's sparrow! They have quite a few youtube videos up testing their sparrow against other makes and models. The sparrow is user servicable, which to me is impotant for the 22. And silencerco also makes some very unique suppressors for the big boy calibers too! Very cool.
  16. firedog

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    Nov 5, 2010
    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    I am defiantly getting a suppressor for my SU-22. I’m looking at the Gemtech Alpine because it handles 22lr, 22mag, 17hmr & 17hm2. It is cleanable and light weight. I’ve have been directed by knowledgeable people to think about the Sparrow. Sparrow is advertised as full auto capable which Gemtech does not say.  Full auto means nothing to me because I pay enough for ammo and full auto would be fun but not cost effective in my hands.  Sparrow also is 22mag capable for when they come out with a threaded barrel for the PMR30. I’m leaning toward Gemtech because word is their customer service is in line with Kel tec’s. This means a lot when it comes to suppressors. The wife’s company has Gemtech’s and they have been superb with their CS. I saw a couple sparrows at the gun show this weekend. Nice looking but I'm still thinking Gemtech.

    I’m thinking of going the living trust route to buy one but a suppressor is on the short list. Even with the $200 ATF stamp I think it is the coolest thing.

    I have been warned about buying .223 suppressors and using them on 22lr’s. I have also been told that 22lr suppressors are not compatible to the .223. However .223 suppressor can be use on 22lr but it is ill advised because of the fouling & pressures.

  17. ktwm

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    Oct 26, 2004
    Re: Which sound suppressor (silencer) for the SU-2

    Here are some videos showing the alpine on an SU-22. It's hard to judge sound in the video, but you can clearly hear that the bullet hitting the metal plate is louder than the sound of the shot.  It's a nice suppressor, that can easilly be taken apart with a quarter. But the sparrow also sounds good, monocore design though, versus the multple removable baffles in the alpine.


  18. Aeroman

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    Aug 5, 2011
    So is the reason for a suppressor just for noise reduction or to make your gun look badass?

    You can buy different kinds of muzzle brakes for the badass look without the $200 stamp fee.

    If you want a quiet gun for stealthier small game hunting or not disturbing neighbors, use your single shot or bolt action .22 (we know you have more than one .22) and use the subsonic rounds... they are quieter than a lot of pellet guns out there.

    A couplde examples of muzzle brakes to make your gun look badass without the high cost of suppressor:

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    Jan 23, 2013
    I need to thred my barrel to fit that supperssor i need the american size , because i only get one chance,ANYthing will be helpfull ..... It sounds like you know what your tlaking about, SO is it 1/2x20 or 1/2x28 please E-mail me with as much info as you [email protected]
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    You have to get the ATF permission to send a suppressor back to the maker. Then the manufacturer has to get permission to send it back to you. It take months! The ATF can also show up at your house and demand to see the suppressor and tax stamp/permit. Never get caught without the paper work..... it's federal jail time!