Which of the SU-22s is the shortest when folded?

Discussion in 'SU-22' started by mick53, Mar 7, 2009.

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    Which of the stock SU-22s is the shortest when folded?

    Any mods to make them even shorter but still a rifle?

    What is the folded up measurement of the shortest SU-22 family, modified or stock version?

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    Re: Which of the SU-22s is the shortest when folde

    I replied with the folded lengths in your other thread, indicating that the SU-22CA would be about 2" shorter when folded than the SU-22C.


    There is also the possibility of making an AR-15 style SU-22E which wouldn't fold but would typically have a collapsible stock. It'd be much longer than the folding versions.

    A side folding version is also possible, either by using the AR stock adapter and one of the side folding stocks that works with AR-15s that don't have a buffer, or with the Kel-Tec side folding stock when it becomes available. I'd expect either of those to be about as long when folded as the SU-22C, give or take.

    There is no way to chop and recrown the barrel to reduce the folded length, as the barrel is the minimum rifle length already. I suppose you could chop it after paying the $200 tax to make it an SBR, but that seems extreme, IMO.

    I don't think there is much that could be done to reduce the folded length very much on the back side either. The SU-22CA is probably about as short as it'll get.

    Note that the SU-22CA can't fire when folded, but the SU-22C can. That's the trade off for the 2" shorter folded length.

    Another option might be a bi-pod on a PLR-22. It'd be very short, there's no need to fold anything but the bi-pod, and it could be very accurate. The 10.1" barrel length is long enough that you wouldn't give up much muzzle velocity (energy) compared to a 16" rifle barrel.

    Did you have a specific application in mind?