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    Aug 5, 2005
    You may know that Makarovs are (were) available in both 9x18 and 9x17, aka "380". Someone posted on a Mak board they had found a 380 round that was even hotter than any of the 9x18 rounds. The name has "Santa" in it and I believe it's Santa Barbara. I also believe it's made in Spain.

    Does anyone know who stocks it?

  2. Bobo

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    Jun 13, 2005
    Santa Barbara is a Spanish surplus round. It is a reliable, hot but varying, non-expanding round. Pretty much all of it has been bought up. Don't know any dealers that still have it.

    DoubleTap and Buffolo Bore FMJ is just as hot if not a bit hotter, and it's much more consistent. They are priced higher but they're fresh. The Santa Barbara was much less expensive, but was old (1980's) surplus and it was out before the recent ammo price increases so it was very inexpensive.

    I still have a few boxes of SB that I've been hoarding for carry use only. Since DoubleTap and Buffolo Bore came out with their offerings I stopped hoarding the SB and shoot a few rounds every range visit. When I run out which will be soon I'll get DoubleTap or Buffolo Bore - they're better anyway.


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    Very hot round if felt recoil is an indicator.   I have "a few" boxes I am hoarding.  It was not so cheap when I found it on gun broker.

    Here is a box of 25 listed on Gun Broker for $6.25 plus fed ex shipping.

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    The best thing about Santa Barbara is the box!  It is perfect for filling with your carry ammo when checking your P-3AT at the baggage counter at the airport.  25 rounds in the smallest space possible, and still in an "approved" container.  Save your box (and tray) if you find any.