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K&D RH "wallet" in right front pocket
K&D 2n1 RH w/wallet pannel in left front pocket
would like K&D 2n1 LH w/wallet pannel in right front pocket

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I have a Grandfather Oak Pocket Companion for my P-3AT with ArmaLaser.

Reasons I like it:
1] Very Light
2] Very Thin
3] Does Not Absorb Sweat
4] Stays In Place In Pocket
5] Gun Snaps In Very Positively, yet ...
6] Draws Easily, and ...
7] Holster Stays In Pocket During Draw
8] Will Probably Never Wear Out
9] Not Expensive
10] Needs No Maintenance

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An oldie but goodie...
(sorry - crummy pic)

K & D Pocket Defender Convertable 2-in-1 8)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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