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If I were to write a list of weapons I want to get next it would be a fluid list meaning things change with time and availability so my order of the list ay change accordingly. But here goes:

#1 1911 .45c cal
#2 Kel-Tec P17
#3 AR-15 in 6.8 SPC 20 inch barrel
#4 AR 15 .22lr
#5 AR-9 9mm pistol 7-8 inch barrel
#6 Savage in 17 HMR
#7 Henry lever action .22lr
#8 1911 in 10mm or 357 Magnum
#9 Mosin Nagant M44
#10 Serbu 50 cal BMG bolt action

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Yeah, I was going to second Rat there. The Rossi '92 in .357 is sweet. There is even a video that was making the rounds on ktog on slicking up the action. But 38/.357 in snub, 5-7 inch and 20 inch pipes can cover a whole famblies shooting needs. Defense, hunting, carry, plinking or what ever you want. I do believe this is the best round out there.

Range report here:

2341 - 2346 of 2346 Posts