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HardShell said:
[quote author=Jenshubby link=1244486916/15#19 date=1244529831]Henry AR7.  I just went and drooled on a couple today.  Decided that when I get the cash, I will be the proud owner of one.
JMHO, but you'll probably be happier if you hunt around for an old Armalite model, or even a Charter, in good shape.

I've had two of the Henry Survival models and wasn't impressed with the quality or performance of either.  (For the record, those are the ONLY Henry products of the several I've owned that I ever had a problem or complaint with.  And please note that I haven't tried one in several years, after those two bad experiences -- they are a great company IMO and their QC on these may have improved without me knowing about it.  ;))

I found a deal on one with one of my buddies. Did some horse-trading and so I'll get a used version. If I don't like it, I'll trade it off for something else. Thanks for the input! Yours is the only bad comment I've read about them.
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