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What I want next and what I will probably buy next are completely unrelated. :cool:

What I would probably buy next:

+. 357 Magnum, probably taurus in a 4".
+ CMP Match Grade AR-15 24" detachable front sight

What I want to buy next:

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Ape said:
My list could go on forever!  :-/
But here it is from "most likely" at some point. To "probably never" but hopeful.  ;-)

Hi Point 4595
Heritage Big Bore .357 (2 of them)
Henry lever action .357
Kel Tec Subby
Taurus Judge (3" mag of course)

Barett 50
Thompson .45

And so forth and so on.......  ;)
Wait, I thought you had a 3at???
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