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For me it is a long list, but here are a few that are my my short list.

1) Kel-Tec RFB
2) Taurus 357 Tracker
3) Kel-Tec SUB-2000
4) Lever Gun in .460 S&W Magnum (I know that there isn't one, but I still want one.)

What do you guys want to get next?

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What I want next and what I will probably buy next are completely unrelated. :cool:

What I would probably buy next:

+. 357 Magnum, probably taurus in a 4".
+ CMP Match Grade AR-15 24" detachable front sight

What I want to buy next:

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I'm picking up an old military S&W 1917 later this week (deal is made, I'll post pics for y'all when I have it in hand).

Not too many items left on the "want" list:

1)  Kel-Tec RFB  (naturally  ;))

2)  MSAR STG-556 E4

3)  A general-purpose QD 9mm suppressor for use on pistols and PCCs alike  (the Trident keeps being rec'd to me)

4)  A "mare's leg"  (IIRC, Taurus is supposed to be introducing an affordable one soon)

5) Maybe an AOW 870 (we can't have SBS/SBRs here :'(, but AOWs are okay)

Other than those few items, it'll be whatever I come across at a good price and/or whatever strikes my fancy in a weak moment.  :-[

1. An inexpensive, 'convertible' .22LR/WMR single action revolver - most likely a Heritage Rough Rider with either the 6.5 or 9 inch barrel (want to give the magnums the chance to develop the most velocity possible but that 9 incher is probably a bit long for a woods gun, which would be one of the uses I would have for it.)

2. A Ruger Blackhawk in .44 Magnum.

3. Not a gun but if reloading components become readily available again, I want to get into reloading in a very small way.

There are a few other, sundry things floating around in my head but those are the ones I really want, right now.

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CZ-52 or TT-33

NAA revolver 22mag

Charter arms 40S&W revolver (if they hit the LGS)

Phoenix 22lr

Not really a gun but I'd like a drum for my Saiga12

Not really in any order. I'd like a gun that is cheap and fun to shoot.


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Here is my list, no specific order of purchase.

I have my Bushmaster on Layaway.

Taurus 1911 .45 acp.

Mossberg 590 12 gauge.

Saiga 12 gauge semiauto.

Taurus Tracker .44 mag 4inch.

Steyr SSG .308 Win.

AK47/AKM rifle

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HOWA .204 Ruger
Remington 700 .243 Win
.223 rifle (tbd)
30-06 Rifle (tbd)
Remington XP-100
Ruger 1
Ruger Redhawk .44 mag or .454 Casull
Taurus Judge
Ruger Charger .22
Glock 33 .357 Sig
500 Mossberg 12 ga Persuader
NAA .22 Mag Pug Mini revolver
Henry Lever .22
.327 mag

Reloading dies for .204 Ruger, .243 Win, .45 Auto, .357/.38 Spc (JB, jump on in, I have had no problem finding components)

FoxPro FX3


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M1 Carbine
A big bore revolver
RFB... Maybe one of these days.
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