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The hole had 0 peening, not even that ridge around the end. The material looked slightly thicker than my other one but still decently thin, not as thick as a quarter at all though. I decided to put the washer in before I even shoot it, dissasembled it, cleaned it, put blue locktight on the ejector/firing pin stop bolt and lubed it. Everything on the slide is mint. I'm happy to finally have my P3AT back, now to find some time and get this thing to the range. Oh and when I first got it I put finger extensions on which helps alot on the 2 finger hold.

I know alot of R/C car people and I'm going to see if I can find a stronger steel bolt for the firing pin retainer/ejector. If I do and they are cheap enough I'' buy a bunch of them and post on here.

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I made one with a standard, steel, 6-32, pan-head screw and an internal-tooth lock washer. I had these items in my used hardware stash, but they can be acquired at any hardware store or home improvement center.
I have fired many hundreds of rounds with this without it loosening or any other problems (no Loktite needed).

Start with a steel, 6-32 x 3/8" pan-head screw and a 6-32 internal-tooth lock washer (and three 6-32 nuts, not shown).
Original Kel-Tec screw shown on the right.

Put the three 6-32 nuts on the screw which makes the thread length equal to the original screw (including the lock washer).

File the screw threads down, flush with the top nut.

As the nuts are removed they help realign and smooth the threads that the filing roughed up.

That's it!
It looks ugly - but works great! The slotted head is also a great loosening indicator, although it never has loosened.
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