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Here's my situation. I have owned and carried a HC 1st-gen P32 for four summers now. I nearly always pocket-carry it in a Desantis Nemesis. When weather and clothing allow, I prefer to carry my FEG SMC-918, chambered in 9x18. For reasons I'm sure many CC'ers will understand, I often find myself just dropping the P32 into my pocket rather than strapping on the larger FEG.

I love my P32, but I'm feeling the need to move up to a P3AT for a "pocket gun." I'll be volunteering at a large gun show this weekend, and I was thinking of trying to work out a deal to trade my 1st-gen P32, with one standard mag and one 10-rnd mag, plus a HC Llama Micromax .380 I bought years ago as a primary when I was on a very small budget. I'm thinking of offering both these weapons, with mags, the case for the Llama, and what .32 ammo I have, in trade toward a P3AT at the show this weekend.

I expect that the only P3AT's that will be available will be 2nd-generation guns. It's been my impression that, while the 1st-generation P32 is generally regarded more highly than the 2nd-generation, the 2nd-generation P3AT is thought to be more reliable than the 1st. It seems that Kel-Tec made changes to the .380 to make it more reliable, and made similar changes to the .32 for economic reasons, which didn't help the .32 model.

Do you all think this is an accurate assessment? I know that 1st-gen P32's are somewhat prized by Kel-Tec afficcionados. Would it be a mistake to trade a 1st-gen P32 towards a 2nd-gen P3AT?

The Llama, I plan on offering it as part of the deal to get the $$ close to even on the deal for the P3AT. It's not a bad gun, feels great in the hand (1911 design), but it's really not doing anything for me. It's currently my only .380, and I'd rather have the more usable P3AT in that caliber.

Is this a good trading plan? Do I have any chance of successfully trading these two guns anywhere close to even for a new or sub-500-round P3AT?

I'd really appreciate all feedback from those with more experience.
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