Wallet Holsters and ATF regulations

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    According to a statement on Ebay.com, ATF may regulate the use of wallet holsters that allow you to fire the weapon w/o removing it from the holster - what can you guys tell me about this, or, could it be that Ebay.com is just protecting itself by this disclaimer on its website. Pasted below is the 'disclaimer' that I found on their site:

    The Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (ATF) has decided that the Wallet Holsters which allow the gun to be fired while it is still in the holster, are now considered "Any Other Weapon" (AOW) The description of AOW is a device that is designed to not look like a firearm and yet fires a bullet. So the concept is that because it looks like a wallet and mugger may percieve it as a wallet as you are shooting him, the ATF thinks they should demand a tax on it. The tip up Berettas, the Seecamp, several other pistols, have holsters specifically designed for them.

    Now if you obtain one, you have to take it to a Class II manufacturer who fills out the appropriate paperwork and registers the weapon/holster combination as an AOW. The next step is to get the signature of a local law enforcement officer (Chief of Police or Sheriff), then get fingerprinted and send the whole thing off to ATF, along with (2) photographs of yourself, and $ 5.00 to cover the tax that is due.

    In a few months, they will send you a tax stamp that says you can own it. Now you go back to the Class II guy and pick it up. If you plan on carrying it on your person, make sure you have a copy of this documentation with you at all times. Each state has specific laws governing the ownership of these devices so you better check first to make sure you can legally own it before you plunk down your hard earned dollars.

    The paperwork is larger and harder to conceal than the gun! If you cannot find a Class II manufacturer in your area, the only alternative is to "make your own" AOW. This will cost you a whopping $ 200.00 to obtain the tax stamp. You cannot take possession of the gun and holster combination until you have been approved and have your stamp.

    If you really want one of these holsters, do your homework and check it out for yourselves. A Federal Criminal Charge is something most people can do without!!!!!!"
    (I couldn't figure out how to post a hyperlink, so you all will just have to take my word for it that the above article was on ebay.com - my apologies)

    If you can shed some light on this subject - please do!

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    The AOW thing has been around for a while. There may be some registration required which would make it "illegal" only if not registered.

    Somebody may have more detail.

    Here's the link to the actual document at the ATF

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    "The AOW thing has been around for a while"

    That would be since 1934 Miller vs United states. Its quite serious as I understand it. Hopefully the upcoming Heller vs DC can help eliminate some of these nonsense regulations we've seen since that bootlegger got busted with a sawed off shotgun some 70 years ago :)
  4. There has been a wallet style holster made for the 3AT... I considered it for a while, then declined.

    According to the seller, he has gotten it cleard by the ATF for legal use.  

    In the letter he supplied me...the ATF approved his design because the slide stays exposed and thus does not hide the fact that it is indeed a gun.

    I did not buy the wallet for several reasons.  The primary reason being that the trigger is exposed when holstered.

    If any of you want a copy of that letter... and info on that walllet... I will be glad to foward the email to you .

    Just PM me with your e-mail and ask for the ATF Wallet Holster file.

    The Holster:


    The hoslter website:
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    There are a lot of people who seem to think they understand the aspect and "true" wallet holsters.  It's a two-prong test.  If the holster has the appearance of a wallet AND you can fire/cause the gun to function while encased in the holster, then you've met the criteria for the classification of an AOW in this instance.  If one of the above criteria is not met, then you do not have an AOW.  

    It's my understanding that it's not illegal to own/possess such an AOW holster.  Where the issue arises is when you have a gun encased within the AOW holster and you do not have the permit to go along with it.  The registration fee is actually $205/total.  As long as you keep the gun and the AOW holster separate and apart from one another, then you have nothing more than a leather holster and a gun.

    The HOLDSTER mentioned above clearly falls outside of the criteria, and there are other styles as well.

    Hope this information helps.
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    KD is right on the money with that. If you can reconize it as a weapon from one side, its ok. If its fully incased your in trouble. Thats why you see a lot of the one sided wallets.
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    It can be fully encased IF you have to remove It from the holster to fire. I have K&D's bi fold wallet pannel for the defender holster and a bi fold wallet holster. I sure hope they are legal :eek:

    Kevin, I sure wish you would change your mind and make me a bi fold wallet pannel for a left hand defender ;)
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