Used up my old Corbon today: Fail 2 fire!

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by Mr._E, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Mr._E

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    I placed an order for some of that new DPX ammo and decided to shoot off my 3 year old Corbon.  I used to keep the gun pretty wet with oil, and the gun has spent some time locked up in the hot car.  Something ruined 2 of the 15 rounds I spent.  

    One I thought for sure was a squib it was so weak.  I field stripped the gun and the barrel was clear (although I found the ejector was missing >:( )so I loaded it up again and did a draw drill.  One of the rounds didn't go off so I held it for a couple of seconds then ejected and finished off the mag.  When the mag was empty I recovered the failure to fire, rechambered it and tried it 2 more times.  Very solid primer dent, simply no ignition.

    I had a 3rd round feel squibish but not as bad as the first round.  It hit at POA and made it through the target...  ::)

    I always thought oiling ammo was BS but I proved that it was serious today.  Good thing I've never had to rely on this ammo.

    I've changed my lube technique and don't use oil at all anymore except REM-oil for the initial scrubbing.  I then wipe it dry and apply grease to the hammer face, guide rod/springs, and rails.  I'll probably run through the loaded ammo once a year following today's experience.

    Aside from the Failure to fire, and the first squibbish round all of the ammo fed & ejected fine. Which surprised me being I don't even have an ejector in the gun.
  2. zeke

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    Dec 20, 2005
    Call KT and ask for one. Your not the first one around here that has had and ejector go AWOL.

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    Sep 7, 2004
    That is not uncommon. Without an ejector, the upcoming round will usually knock out the empty. There are some pistols that have no ejector and rely on this, although sometimes the last round doesn't eject. By now, your wayward ejector is half-way back to CoCoa Beach. Guess he got homesick. :)
  4. Mr._E

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    It's comforting to know the gun runs without it. Last round ejected fine all 3 times. The ONLY round that didn't eject was the faux squib and that was obviously an ammo issue.

    I've read so many things about these P3ATs requiring some smithing to get to run right. I've been lucky, today is the ONLY time the gun didn't run 100% and again, it was the ammo. This gun has earned my confidence.