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  1. adamsesq

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    Dec 25, 2006
    I am assuming our old accounts will be available? This is probably rhetorical and doesn't need an answer based on the assumption that things are being worked on as it looks like they are.

    Thanks guys, upgrades are frustrating and we are standing behind you!

  2. adamsesq

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    Dec 25, 2006
    Thanks Ray - we love you man!


  3. Tech Admin

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    Apr 6, 2003
    We've upgraded the forum software to the next version, YaBB 2, which should run faster.
    Your old accounts are indeed available.

    Below is a list of the some things changed for this release:

    -Added "Last Post" for each thread to forum page
    - Made viewing and searching faster
    - Made message icon on each post link to the individual replies
    - Restricted signature height if there are more than 15 new lines in it
    - Added rel="nofollow" to all viewprofile links to prevent bot spidering (spidering slows the forum down)
    - Changed password reminder to show new password in a read-only input field so it's easier to copy
    - Added hidesticky.gif, hidelock.gif, hidestickylock.gif icons to show more topic status'
    - Increased length of email input field
    - Changed forum start date to select boxes
    - Changed select box for moving topics sort properly and use option groups for better readability

    Bug Fixes:
    - Disabled board picture field if the board is an announcement or recycle bin board
    - Removed mark unread button for guests
    - Fixed reply and quote buttons in members' most recent posts
    - Allowed admin to change the first page of their profile
    - Allow guests to search hidden topics if "show to all" is checked
    - Fixed linebreak bug when quoting older posts
    - Placed proper error message when adding polls
    - Fixed bug with CSS and template preview in FireFox
    - Registration date/time and timezone settings fixed
    - Fixed many time-to-string date issues
    - Updates/Fixes to instructions in Quick Guide
    - Fix to prevent nesting conflicts with "Glow" and "Shadow" bold tags
    - Made converter change all [size=xx] tags in signature to size in pixels to prevent very small text
    - Fixed additional membergroups conflict with position when saving profile
    - Fixed multibyte characters in PM notification
    - Fixed bug causing repeated "topic" text in notification mails
    - Fixed bug when moving a topic while someone is replying to it
    - Changed double quote marks to " in category names to prevent broken input fields
    - Fixed problem with " in category descriptions
    - Made deleting posts remove entries from members' history logs
    - Re-added ability to auto-link URLs with national characters
    - Fixed bug with additional member groups when rebuilding the memberlist
    - Fixed problems with links with http:// prefix and auto-link at the start of tables
    - Fixed Subs.pl to allow it to pass Perl -C
    - Fixed XHTML errors throughout source code
    - Added check for existence of message file when converting message index to prevent blank screen
    - Fixed delete link so it disappears in pre-registered entries after time expiration
    - Fixed character set bug when changing language on the register page
    - Fixed HTML characters displaying in polls
    - Fixed extra space added to username link in quotes
    - Fixed an unclear activation message
    - Fixed a pixel in grin.gif
    - Made [table] tag validate XHTML
    - Made image tag check if an image already has a title attribute before adding another
    - Fixed invalid ID in forgotten passwords reminder
    - Fixed Admin Cneter "remove server not available" when yabbforum.com is not available
    - Removed unused menu_im.png
    - Fixed wrong text used in forum statistics
    - Made hidden sticky topics appear in the Important Topics area
    - Removed useless "moderator" option in board/category permission section
    - Fixed issue with _ in profile names on edit profile page
    - Fixed reversed View Members by registration date
    - Made sure member post history is deleted when member is deleted
    - Added missing "navbarcontainer" CSS style
    - Fixed showing guest email address instead of name when a reply is deleted
    - Fixed JS bug if random passwordemail is enabled or hide email is disabled
    - Fixed admin edit bug with input of spaces or non-digits
    - Fixed bug in "moveto" that created a bad browser title
    - Fixed a problem in forum.contro when boards are moved to another category
    - Made converter cut signatures off at the length of the longest signature found
    - Fixed bug in autolink modifying the flash location when flash-parsing is disabled
    - Made deleting a post not create a "ghost" member in memberinfo.txt
    - Made editing board notfiications not create a "ghost" notification

    Security Enhancements:
    - Fixed bug enabling members/guests to load an empty PM screen from an outside link
    - Made sure Gmods cannot edit Administrator or Gmod profiles
    - Added .gif header test to all images attached to posts for malformed or incorrect content
  4. Tech Admin

    Tech Admin New Member

    Apr 6, 2003
    I missed a bunch of the new features and changes:

    * Display name defaults to exact typing of username in registration

    * File Attachments
    * Additional Smilies
    * Advanced Personal Messaging
    * Mark topic unread button

    * More Board and Category Options
    * In-Thread Multi Delete and Moderation Update
    * Advanced Memberview Plus
    * Topic Summary Cutter
    * Time Lock

    * Collapse/expand Categories
    * Board-level topic notification
    * Improved notification system for topics
    * My Favorites
    * Paperclip in the Message Index if a topic has attachments

    * Recycle Bin
    * Wysiwyg template editor
    * Post color chooser
    * More YaBBC options and buttons

    * Resize Avatars
    * Global announcement board
    * Greatly improved Print Page layout

    * User selectable languages
    * GMT time system (auto DST)
    * The GuardianTM (security features)
    * Quick search box for members

    * Live post preview
    * Nicer Post Form
    * Integrated help system
    * Support of foreign (multibyte) characters
    * Google Talk support in profile
  5. gpr

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    Jan 6, 2005
    north palm beach
    i like the new font ...much easier on these old eyes...gpr
  6. RAT76

    RAT76 Well-Known Member

    Wow, I didn't realize that there were so many problems. The list of additions & improvements is daunting as well. Guess I'll just muddle along using a fraction of the available features as always. ;)

    Thanks Ray & Tex for the time and effort you put in here. You are appreciated.
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    Sep 7, 2004
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