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Just an update on a thread I started awhile back:

I was having trouble with FTE's about once every mag or two, and couldn't do anything to really fix it.  I polished the feed ramp and other places outlined in some of the sites, lubed it up and still it was jamming like crazy after about 350 rounds.  

So, I sent it in to KT and they replaced the slide and re-polished the feed ramp, and I have had a sum total of 1 jam in the 400 rounds I've put through it since I got it back.  I've been using a mix of WWB, Remington Express, and Golden Sabre, and I couldn't be happier with the performance of the 3AT.  Just wanted to fill everyone in on another success story from KT customer service.

FYI, when I sent my gun in they said it was a 4-week wait, so I called 4 weeks after they received it, and they said it was now a 5-week wait, and so I called a week later and it was now a 6-week wait.  So, finally a week and a day after that call it arrived.  I wasn't at all happy with the service at the time (I was lonely without my 3AT), but at least they took care of the gun well, even if they did take their sweet time doing it.
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