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Hey guys, as you may know I am waiting for 3 bete testers from here to finish thier tests of the barrel stabilizer kits before I offer them to anyone.
However I did make a flash hider for my SU16B, nad it held up well on the geuling tests I did for the barrel stabilizer.
So, I am offering it to KTOG members first before putting it back on

I sell AR15 style custom flash hiders for other guns for 18.00 + 8.00 s&h, but this one will be just a little more because a slot has to be milled in them. I guess 20.00 + s&h 8.00./ 28.00. I only make a few dollars each.
Let me know what you think, looks, price, etc. They are 4140 steel, and mostly made by Northern Gun Parts in MI., made to my modification specs, then I bore them to fit what ever gun.

Since they are not on the web site now, if you want to order one, just use the sales email link on / [email protected]

They are a tight fit with 2 8-32 set screws holding them on.

Who am I, I am a Disabled retired machinst of 20 years in Colorado trying to stay busy and as productive as I can.
Here are pics.

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