Trigger/Hammer Clicks during trigger pull

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by GaleForce, Jun 1, 2011.

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    May 31, 2011
    I can't remember if the gun did this since I bought it or if it started making this noise after I cleaned it and reassembled it. I just want to find out if the following is the norm so I know I didn't mess anything up. All my other guns the triggers/guns don't make any type of clicking noise as you begin to stack the trigger. On the P3AT, as you all know, the "stack" is really just a smooth, tight double action pull so for the purpose of what I'm talking about this happens at the very beginning of the pull. Once you pull the trigger the first mm (I forgot the name for the parts of a trigger pull, but when the trigger is loose, not stacking) and the stacking begins about 1/3-1/2 through the pull the gun makes a very audible clicking noise. Of course right now the gun isn't doing it (since I'm trying to recreate the potential issue and all); I'm thinking perhaps the oil is starting to spread around after a couple mags of snap caps. In any case I just want to know if this click is normal at any point or if the gun shouldn't be making any noise until it goes bang. Every couple of pulls I can kind of feel the click in the trigger but it has pretty much gone away. If it comes back I'll be sure to let you guys know, if it is something I should be concerned about. For what it's worth though it's hitting snap caps and extracting them, and then feeding the next one without a problem. Anyway does this sound familiar to anyone, especially when dealing with a new P3AT? The gun was carried by the shop owner I bought it from for a few months but it was never fired before I put 50 rounds through it on loan to see if I liked it, so for all intents and purposes it is a brand new gun unless you consider carrying it in holster to do anything to the internals. Sorry for getting all vague but without being able to recreate the problem it's hard to get specific, but at least I can try and explain it as best I can to see if anyone knows what I'm talking about and what it possibly could be. Thanks if anyone has any clue.

    EDIT: It looks like it has stopped completely now. I'm not sure what it was but if anyone has ever had their trigger click while stacking and knows I'd be really interested in finding out.
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    Not that it matters much but I doubt the gunshop owner "never fired" that gun.  Among experienced gun owners, carrying an untested gun is considered pretty stupid.  Anyone who has been around guns knows better.  You should always test and proove a gun before relying on it for protection.  At the very least, a few mags would be the minimum, but most folks would at least want to see 100+ rounds down range to establish reliabiltiy.  With these particular pistols, most around here would recommend 100 - 200 rounds of FMJ ammo for breakin followed by proofing of your carry rounds, anywhere from 20 - 50 rounds, although some like even more.  Once a gun has proven reliable, especially with your carry ammo, then it is ready to be carried for self defense.

    Regarding your clicking sound, not to worry.  It was probably related to movement in the trigger bar.  Such is common during the breakin period when metal parts are wearing into one another.  Had you been using live ammo, you'd have likely never noticed it.   ;)