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Problem: After firing the first round in the magazine the trigger did not reset. A fresh round did feed into the chamber after the first round fired. :eek: I shot the pistol a second time and subsequently had the same problem happen again, fresh round in chamber, but trigger didn't reset. :eek:

After that first magazine, I shot 5 more magazines of ammunition through the pistol without malfunction. :-?

Possible cause: My guess is either there was some type of dirt or obstruction preventing the trigger from resetting or I did something (operator induced) to "cause" the problem.

Background info: I've got a older P3AT, 1st generation (I guess) that has the seperate little piece in the front of the slide for the recoil spring to go into. I've owned this pistol for years, bought it new.
Anyway, today I decided to shoot the ammunition in the magazine, clean and reload, just to check function; it had been a couple of months since I last did this.
I had shot a couple of magazines through my Glock 33 prior to shooting the P3AT.

Is this common? What might the cause have been?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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