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The Kel Tec P-32 is one of the best little pocket guns there is. Concealable, reliable, and compact, the gun has many attributes. However, to keep it clean and functioning, this handy little .32ACP has a few tricks to getting it back together due to its hammer block. This hasn't gone unnoticed by the greater Kel Tec community here and we have no less than two tip-sheets to help those in reassembly of these guns.

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Gathered from the old Tec Werks section archives, here we have the first guide, by Jack Fuselier with notes by added by Bill Combs, and the second by the preeminent gunsmith and artist Don "Golden Loki" Haney.

As a safety note: always make sure your Kel Tec is unloaded before any disassembly/assembly procedure. To do this, with your finger off the trigger and the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, drop the magazine, rack the slide three (3) times, visibly and physically inspect the chamber for any brass or ammo, and then remove the magazine and any cartridges from the room before continuing.

Now for the guides:
Jack Fuselier's P-32 reassembly

The presence of a new "Hammer block" device makes reassembly of the P32 slightly more difficult than the P11/P40 pistols. If you are familiar with the P11, and how to release the hammer spring, skip over this first part. First, unload the gun and remove the magazine. Draw the slide back and eject the round from the chamber. Allow the slide to close. While pushing the slide back very slightly, pry the assembly pin loose and remove it. The slide should come forward and off the receiver. The next step is to disconnect the mainspring. A small screwdriver under the plastic block in the bottom of the grip will pry it up and allow it to be pushed out of the slot and into the mag well.

Now that the tension is off the hammer, the two pins holding the frame in the grip can be driven out. Use a flat tipped punch almost as large as the pins so they won't be expanded and ruined. Make sure you have solid backing like a wooden block with a hole in it to clear the pins.

Now the frame can be lifted out, and whatever work is needed can be done.

To reassemble the P32 and reset the hammer block I use a strip of metal 1/2" wide and about six inches long, made from a hacksaw blade ground smooth on each edge and the end squared off. (* Polish the tool and make it smooth on all sides)

If whatever work you needed to do is accomplished, reassemble the frame component and push the hammer spring down into the mag well.

After getting everything back into the frame, springs, drawbar etc., slip the frame into the grip. This will keep the frame components in place while you do the next step. Don't hook up the spring in the bottom of the grip just yet. With the hammer back, lift the rear end of the frame from the grip about 1/16 of an inch and peer in, under the serial number.
You will see a metallic object in the grip under the frame. This is the top of the hammer block device. It is necessary to push this forward while the hammer is held back. It is spring loaded and wants to lay against the rear of the grip so this is where you need the thin flat blade to slide in the opening and push it away from the rear of the grip until it hooks under the hammer while the hammer is held back. Keep the frame down as tightly against the grip as you can, allowing only room for the tool, otherwise the blocking device won't hook under the hammer.

Keep the alloy frame down close to the grip, just leaving room to slide the blade in and push the spring-loaded device towards the front of the gun while holding the hammer back at full cock. It will catch and you can withdraw the tool. When you have this done, don't let the frame come up out of the grip, or you will lose the hookup. If you have it hooked, withdraw the tool, hold the frame tightly down in the grip, and hook the mainspring up in the mag well.

(* Make a tool from a coat hanger wire approx. 5" in length. Round off and polish both ends. Bend a "U" shape 3/16" lope into one end and a 1" closed lope in the other. This tool can be carefully inserted into the hammer spring catch [PN 279] and it then can be pulled and positioned into the frame notch.)

Now try the trigger and reset by pushing the hammer back until it catches, then it will strike again. Put the plastic pins back in to hold the frame, reassemble with the slide, and you are done.

Good Luck,
Jack F

The Golden Loki's P-32 Assembly Trick

The presence of a hammer block adds a unique step to assembly of the P32. Shown below is the hammer block within the grip. Examining the hammer block, you will notice that half of it is recessed. This recess makes a perfect place to push back the hammer block with a small hex wrench or any other rigid small diameter rod.(the red line indicates the spot you will need to push during assembly)

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Assemble the trigger bar, hammer, and slide stop as usual and set the frame in the grip. Do not hook the hammer spring yet. You will notice that something keeps the rear from going all the way down, this is the hammer block. Raise the rear of the frame up about 1/4 inch. Push the top of the hammer fully forward. Using a small hex wrench (or similar) press the hammer block in where the red line indicates in the picture. Next, press the frame down onto the hex wrench sandwiching it between the frame and the grip, then slide out the hex key and press the frame on down into the grip.

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Now simply continue assembling as usual.
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