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  1. mdades

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    Jun 12, 2006
    i'm more than a bit confused by a change in the ktog boards.  now, i have not logged in for a long time-  i normally just
    read the emails and occasionally respond there.  but the last time i was on the board, i could see and post in the
    trading post.  now i cannot even see it.  after searching, i read that i was told about the trading post restrictions in the
    "welcome to ktog" email.  i was not, and i just checked that email.  there is no link there to any such rule, and i also just
    checked the range rules on the board, and there is no mention there about any restictions either.  so, i must assume the
    rules got changed after i joined, and that you've never updated the rules on the site.  if that is the case, why did i never
    get a notice about it?  and why is it not listed where it should be-  in the rules page, so i did not have to go searching?
     i do not think something like this should be made retroactive.  i'm sorry, but i just do not talk much, and had no reason to post, certainly just not so i could maintain access to the trading post (if i had known about the change).  i think it's unfair to penalize
    people for either reason.  i logged in today because i wanted to buy a couple of magazine for my p3at, and to see if anyone
    was making an extended mag for that gun yet (my manual dexterity is too bad to try this myself), so i guess i'll have to go to
    kel-tec to buy the regular mags., and hope someone puts up an independent ad for extended mags, which means kel-tec gets
    more money, i have to pay more money, and the guys selling stuff here do not get to make a little profit.
  2. TxCajun

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    Sep 7, 2004
    The Rules of the Range link is on a part of the site that has not been updated for a good 10 years. However, KTOG Rules are posted (stickied) at the top of this very forum.  The title is in all caps and says, KTOG RULES - READ THIS NOW!  It has been there for years (before you joined).

    If it helps, there are no P3AT mags in the Trading Post. As far as extended mags, Pro Mags is now making a 10 and 15 rd mag for the P3AT. They are relatively new and I have not seen any reviews on them. Pro Mags are usually sketchy on reliability.

  3. mdades

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    Jun 12, 2006
    thanks for the info on the mags. as to the rules, i naturally assumed that the rules at the link at the top of all of the pages was
    identical to the stick note you mentioned.