*TRADED* OBD-II USB Adapter Trade?

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    Oct 10, 2008
    I'll make the same offer here that I made on FaceBook... not looking to sell, just trade one OBD-II USB adapter for another.

    A few weeks ago I installed another CarPuter for a client, who decided at the last minute, that he had to have an OBD-II adapter tied in with his new system and was willing to pay extra if I could install it right then.  Truth be told, I should have said no, that I'd order him one and would install it at his convenience, but I like money.  So with his approval, I yanked mine out of my car, as it's only a few months old, was hidden behind the dash, and still looks brand new.

    I ordered my replacement from a new supplier, who I won't be doing business with again, as he has a "no refunds or exchanges" policy... which just isn't conducive for the work that I do.  Sometimes people just change their minds on what they want for a CarPuter.

    Truth be told, I apparently wasn't paying enough attention and ordered the incorrect OBD-II adapter, and it will not work with my car.

    So here I sit... with an ELM 323 USB OBD-II adapter, with software, that supports ISO9141 and KWP2000 protocols ONLY, and I need one that supports PWM.

    To brake it down for everyone:
    There are three main protocols used for OBD-II compliance.

    ISO, PWM, and VPW

    Ford mainly uses PWM, GM uses VPW, and pretty much everyone else uses ISO.

    So... Anyone have a working OBD-II USB adapter for PWM protocol that they want to trade, before I give this one away and buy another?


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    Oct 10, 2008
    Traded locally. Thanks for reading.