Trade Cancelled For Now

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    Aug 6, 2007
    A friend of mine gave me this knife during a Super Bowl party this year. I really don't need another knife and so I'm putting it up for trade. I found a similar one online for about $7+S&H, so it might cost you ten bucks out of pocket if you bought it new.

    Here's a couple of pictures...

    Things I'm most interested in include:
    1) A CD - I'm mostly a country music fan. Let me know what you have. I might already have the CD.
    Hint: I'll probably just rip the CD to MP3's and load them to my iPod. I'd be happy to "loan" you back the CD after a few days if you want.
    2) A DVD of some movie you think is awesome. Again, let me know what you have. I may have seen it recently.
    Hint: I rarely watch a movie more than twice. I can send you the DVD back in a few weeks if you want.

    If you have something else cluttering you house, let me know. I might be interested in that too.

    Each of us pays our own shipping.
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    Aug 6, 2007
    Re: WTT A New Inexpensive Knife

    Trade terminated due to lack of interest.