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Found this ammo for 0.16 round but want some experts opinion on it LOL. I have never hear of the TPJ coating. What are your guys thoughts. Just paper punching conversation piece. Oh and what is a realistic range to shoot decently accurate. Was thinking setting up to go 100 yards. Is that realistic?

US Cartridge 9mm 115 Grain Remanufactured Total Polymer Jacket (1000 Round Bulk)

US Cartridge ammunition is made from remanufactured cartridges with a Total Polymer Jacket and clean shooting, top quality, American made components.

The Total Polymer Jacket ™ (“TPJ”) projectiles used in US Cartridge ammunition employ a process that bonds a polymer coating to the bullet core. Unlike conventional ammo, polymer coated bullets do not cause any copper or lead fouling to the barrel while being proven to be more accurate and decrease wear to your firearm. The benefits of TPJ bullets include:

  • No copper or lead fouling to barrel—rounds actually clean barrels with previous fouling
  • Comparable velocities with lower pressure cause less wear on firearm
  • Non-abrasive to barrel
  • Dramatically reduced lead exposure to shooter
  • Reduced ricochet risk
  • Reduced smoke-- great for competitions like IPSC
  • No Moly-Disulfide or PTFE
  • Coating does not build up on barrel

Mfg Item Number:
Bullet Type:
Total Polymer Jacket
Bullet Weight:
115 Grain
Muzzle Energy:
368 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity:
1200 fps
Rounds Per Case:
1000 Rounds Per Case
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