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Took son shooting - his first time

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Took my son to the local range today, his first time shooting a real gun, he did real good.
He did like my PT92 better, but enjoyed the p3at.
Ran 150 through the p3at, did have a few FTE's with 100 lead reloads I got to try, ran FMJ's with no problem.
I'd say it did much better after the F&B.
Of course the PT92 ran through 100 slick as ...........
They did have some ammo, FE FMJ 380 $21/50,  9mm $22/50, I should have got some, next time.
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Always good to hear about new shooters coming of age  ;D
Definitely times to cherish Moose…
I’m still going to the range with my Father, he’s 77 now.
That’s one old man they better not mess with ;)
Teaching your kids to shoot is quality time. My son is getting to the point now he wants to shoot he bigger guns. I have taken my daughters a few times as well.
Glad to hear that you and your son got some good range time in...

How old is your son? I'm just curious as to the best age to get them started.
I'm not the one to answer that question.

My son is 17, but he's shot BB and pellet guns for years.
He can drop a squirrel from way up a tree, but this is his first with hand guns at a range.
I'd let hit shoot one or two now and then, but this time he got to shoot about 150 rounds.
He liked it.
awhile back I gave my 7 yr old son my pellet gun even though he's been shooting one of my AR's with 22 conversion. Now I cant get him to shoot the AR even though I gave it to him a month ago after he wrote a page letter of how he wanted a 22 and what he would do if I gave him one. So I told him that one is his and everytime we go shooting he still would rather shoot the pellet gun :'( Wonder why that is?

On another note my 14 yr daughter decided the other day she wanted to go turkey hunting (first time hunting). So instead of going to Knobb Creek machine gun shoot :'( I'm going to take her turkey hunting ;) Some quality bonding time since I just got custady of her 3 months ago. My 10 yr daugter wouldnt go near shooting till one day my wife decided to start shooting after I bought her a P22. ever since then my 10 yr old loves to shoot the AR 22.

Sorry to run on like that and congrats on your son..............I know I enjoy taking my kids shooting. On the question on when to take your kids soon as posible. The earlier they shoot and are around guns the less they are to find one and not know what they do and have an accident or worse. My kids know about guns since they were at least 4/5 yrs old. They know not to ever touch one unless I say its ok. I trust my 7yr old son more than a 15yr old that we take with us. They all know where their trigger finger is until their ready to shoot and always put it on safe when their done shooting. Never point it at anyone loaded or not. All my guns are in a safe also unless at night then I have the one by the bed behind a picture on the wall I made. Other than that the P3 I carry everywhere. So the earlier the better so they know.....................
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