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Ordered 500 once-fired, mixed head stamp, 40 S&W cases from Brass World,, on Monday. Arrived Thursday. He answered the phone right away when I called and answered my questions. Received order confirmation and shipment confirmation. $19 plus $6.50 flat rate shipping. Very happy with Brass World.

Looked at Buddy Brass,, first and wanted to order from them, but called first to talk to an actual person as I was nervous ordering from a used brass place and they process credit card payments through Pay Pal (so does Brass World). I work for Dept of Navy and they won't even let us use Pay Pal because if there is a problem they are impossible to deal with. Three days later I have not received a call back from Buddy Brass.

Interestingly I popped into my LGS just now and found a bag of 500 for $15 - oops. I bought them, too, when the wife said, "You can never have too much brass."

happy shooting, dv
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