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But I'm looking to trade an antique bowlback mandolin for a p-11 or su16. It's been in the family for a while, and definitely over 100 years old, however there is no paper inside, best guess is it was made in Italy (A professional Luthier made that guess, BTW), it has inlaid abalone shell on the face  the pics really don't do it justice, it has super short action, and sounds sweeter than a virgin's kiss (twice as rare too!) I have carpal tunnel, so I can't play it anymore, and would really love to see it in the hands of someone who can appreciate it.


I'm willing to take any handgun that is accurate and has a light recoil of a caliber that I can qualify for an armed guard's license with (.38 or better, I believe) or, of course a SU-16
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