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From 1982, but very interesting. Wish we could get this aired to all gun-owners, AND BATF offices.

A scathing report AGAINST the encroachment of BATF, and a great relief, though lip-service only at this point, to citizen gun owners & sportsman throughout our society. WE SHOULD ALL HAVE OUR CHILDREN KNOWLEDGEABLE OF THESE PAPERS.

Notice the committee members that were tasked with, and had to sign off on this paper; Orin Hatch, Ed Kennedy, Jo Biden, Robert Byrd, Arlin Specter....

And also notice that the final twist of the report is castigating the BATF for abusing/taking power not assigned to them.
In hearings before BATF's Appropriations Subcommittee, however, expert evidence was submitted establishing that approximately 75 percent of BATF gun prosecutions were aimed at ordinary citizens who had neither criminal intent nor knowledge, but were enticed by agents into unknowing technical violations.

So really any change in this stat is probably in the direction of more infringement and abuse rather than less.

You can find it here:

Also available @

Another good read specifically regarding NCIC & background check policies, etc.

Be careful, & watch your back. One of our public servants may be watching you. :confused:
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