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So the 1,000rds of Hornady's ultra fast 30gr .22WMR Vmax ammo I purchased just didn't seem to cycle reliably out of the stock 4.3" barrel in my PMR-30...I concluded it was so light and fast I experienced an approximate 10% failure to feed rate as the ammo just didn't produce the high pressure long enough to reliably cycle the slide with authority so?...

In an enlightened moment I thought...

"Gee...I bet Keltecs 5" barrel would be the answer to my dilemma by not only elevating the pressure but also increasing the duration!"

So I was going to just order the $118 5" barrel with screw-on flash suppressor online as they don't do "phone sales" anymore but had some questions which I did ask their tech support guy and in that phone convo asked...

" folks are only about 80 miles north of me..would I be better off to just drive up and buy it direct? you folks do that?"

and the voice on the other end said...

"Yes sir we do...and if you bring your PMR with you?...we'll install it for you and make the trip worth your while!"

That was yesterday...and today at work?..I explained the situation too my boss and asked if it would be okay if I took a 1/2 day vacation time and leave at noon and the request was granted! :)

The showroom was awesome and I was greeted by a very helpful young man named "Nick" who upon stripping down my PMR to install the new 505 Barrel immediately noticed that my PMR had the old style Recoil Buffer...

about the same time that I told him I wanted to purchase (2) new spare recoil buffers while there and also an extra assembly pin....instead?...he gave me two new recoil buffers and a new assy pin and I might also...

Note: That he also noted that I do have the new current design assy pin and would probably never need the spare because he has yet to hear about any of the new designed assy pins breaking....but he gave me one of those as well...

While there I also inquired about any potential "Must Have's" for SUB2000's (as I recently picked up one of those as well and had it there with me) and he said...

"Yep!...Bring it in!"

Now maybe I'm a boring kind of guy but I'm simply not interested in loading down my SUB2000 with gobs of accessories as too me?....the beauty of the S2K is it's lithe simplicity and I want mine served raw and fast so while I passed on all the external creature feature amenities of which there were peg after pegs worth of optic offset mounts, tac sling mounts and magpul and mloc everything?...I am very focus on anything that offers up increased internal performance and the one item Nick said was a true must have in that arena was...

"The Brass Bolt Upgrade"

with Nick stating that every Team Keltec Shooter has opted to run such in their comp guns and can't say enough good about how much more controllable and settled the brass bolt upgrade makes their S2K which results in less felt recoil and faster sighting for quicker follow up shots...$45?....sign me up! :)

So while I was watching Nick install my new Brass Bolt upgrade?...two other customers spied my 5" barreled PMR asking if it was mine...complimenting me on how great it looked and asked if they could pick it up for a better look...I told'em sure...go right ahead...cause I gotta agree! LOL!

and since I made the drive and got the 505 Barrel upgrade and the Brass Bolt?....I figured I might as well "Get The T-Shirt" Too! LOL!

and BTW? PMR-30 with the new 505 barrel gobbled up those 30gr HVM's like a hungry kid with a fresh bag of skittles and?....

The Brass Bolt was an extremely welcome upgrade as well...that's 30rds (15rds of 115gr and 15rds of 124gr) at 25yds and it felt like somebody slipped a pillow between my shoulder and my SUB2000...real soft and fast! :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this 1/10th as much as I enjoyed this very WIN/WIN/WIN trip too the Mother Ship! L8R, Bill.

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Nice, looks like worthwhile for sure. I would definitely recommend getting the new buffers. Much better than the old ones.
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