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The million dollar question................

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Where happened to all the 22 wmr ammo? I have been to every store, every online website, even looking on armslist for anyone selling or trading 22 wmr. I was recently lucky enough to pick up a PMR30 at my LGS,bought a few extra mags,,,,,,but no ammo! Not even a snap cap so I can pretend I'm shooting. So now all I have is a very lite paperweight! If anyone knows where I can find any please let me know. By the way Im in Illinois.
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That sucks but it has gotten a lot better here in northeast.becoming readily available I know u can buy it online but they tend to gouge prices.i also have 9 LGS s within 30 min drive
I want to get ripped at this point but nobody has in stock. Every time a website says that the have it in stock they send me an email saying sorry not in stock. 22lr is everywhere now just because I'm looking for a 22wmr...go figure right.
Very scarce here with the exception of one gun shop. They usually have it but want $30 a box, I ain't paying that!! The other local shop has it occasionally and charge $16. I have spent a lot of money over the years in the shop that wants $30. The $16 shop is now my primary. I understand profit but scalping is another story. Wal mart gets it but the friends of the employees end up with most I suspect.
In the San Antonio area its what we jokingly like to call unicorn ammo. When I approach any LGS or sporting goods store I always ask if they have any unicorns. Most of the employees at the various places I frequent know me by now and already know what I'm gonna ask before I get to the counter.

Every now and then I can catch it at Walmart or Academy. I even had good luck recently at Bass Pro. Their price was slightly higher on the CCI maxi mag but still not anywhere near what the LGS around here are trying to get. Hit the stores early in the morning. By noon if there were any its usually gone.

Thats how the .22 WMR scene is around here. Good luck.

Right now I think Armscor is the only 'readily available' .22wmr, I picked up a brick for $160. None of my local shops or big box stores have gotten any in with the exception of one shop about 45 miles away that had CCI +V but only one box per visit.
Cabelas website had some CCI TNT and polytip but went fast, $15/box either type but limited to 5 boxes per customer.

Hit my local gun show this weekend, cheapest .22wmr was Armscor $20/box up to CCI @ $25/box. One dealer had .22wmr by the brick, $200 for CCI TNT and $220 for Speer Gold Dot.
Where happened to all the 22 wmr ammo? ... every online website

There's plenty to be had online.

Pricing? That's another story.

As for local availability, it really varies. Here in NE-Ohio as of this past fall/winter, it's hit-and-miss. Some stores will have none. Others, an abundance.
I use ammoseek on a regular basis, just a few weeks ago there was no S&B, Aguilera or Winchester listed, so even if prices are still over $20 at least it's starting to pop up.
Scarce 22 mag ammo is one reason why I would like to see the PMR 30 made in 22 long rifle.
How much trouble is it for Joe Sixpack to ship ammo. You might have better luck getting it from a regular person rather than from a store.

Got lucky on some .22wmr yesterday, helping a friend put an AR together and we hit some local shops looking for parts, one shop only had one box of .22wmr in the back (or at least that's what they said) but it was CCI +V for $16.

But at our Palmetto State Armory store they had three CRATES of Remington 22wmr fmj available, no limit. But it was $20/box. Pricey but I haven't tried any Remington yet so I grabbed a few boxes. PSA sells a lot thru their website, actually runs better deals on most stuff vs store prices, so it's probably available online if you're not in the state of S.C.
I can buy all the 5.7X28 I want cheaper than 22 mag. Most shortages are produced by greedy people just trying to make as much profit as the market will bear.
I guess were fortunate here in Oklahoma as I've purchased Hornady, Winchester and CCI in the last week for $14.95 box of 50. One place had about 3 bricks of the Hornady and the other had Winchester and CCI. The FN 5.7x28 is around $21.00-$25.00 but is reloadable..
Check Natchez Shooters Supply, just bought 1000rds or Armscor for $200 or .20/round. A little pricey but since I have three weapons chambered for it and use them a lot for trail guns it worked for me.

Got a link to that deal? I just checked Natchez site, only .22wmr they list in stock is individual boxes of Armscor for $19/box, twice what you paid. Nothing listed in their clearance section either.
So what is the theory as to where it all is or why there is zero available?

It's not like the military of the Govt' uses it? Are there just millions upon millions of rounds stockpiled in the basements and gun safes around the country?

What happened to the good ol' days when every store had stock piles of it on their shelves for affordable prices? Do the ammo suppliers not see the want and ramp up production?

I understand 9mm, .45 and .223/5.56 as it's the military and Law Enforcements main ammo, but that seems to be readily available in any store I walk into from Wal-Mart to the Hardware Store

Just cant figure out why 22LR and 22wmr is so impossible to find
Because people still remember the last craze and are still stockpiling.

And again, it's not that it's completely unavailable. Any online ammo search-engine will bring up plenty of .22WMR as well as .22LR. Currently, as long as you're willing to expand your search and pay shipping, they're far from unavailable or even hard to find. Nor are the available ammo selling-out in mere seconds or minutes, as they once were. They're actually readily available.

Pricing? That's another story altogether.
I saw a statement a while back that I never verified, but it's probably close enough. If the rimfire factory really ramps up, they can make 10 million rounds a day. After a month of production, every person in the nation will be able to get one round.
22RF ammo is falling into the availability class of 25RF, 30RF and 32RF. Looks like the Gov doesn't want us to teach our kids how to shoot.
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