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Over the past half-decade, there has been a persistent rumor of a carbine version of the PMR-30 pistol. Yes, by adding a longer 16+-inch barrel and a butt stock, the gun wonks from Cocoa had given every rimfire magnum lover something to pine for. The thing is, this gun never made its appearance on the market, which led many to declare it vaporware, borrowing the term for software and games that are hyped yet never make it to production.

Well kids, it looks like they finally plan on making these guns and better yet, they have been positively spotted in the wild.

The concept

The legend/myth of the CMR-30 has a topic of discussion here on the forum for years ever since rumors of it started to pop up after the 2011 Shot Show.

Gun Firearm Shooting Trigger Shooting sport

Photo credit: Oleg Volk, for whom it has long been joked that Kel Tec makes just enough rifles to immortalize on film.

Its simple, take the proven PMR-30 platform, add a stock and barrel and bam-- instant .22WMR rifle. The thing is as time went by, pictures occasionally surfaced, with the new gun designated RMR-30 (R assumedly meaning 'rifle'), yet the gun never showed in catalogs much less for sale.

The PMR itself is based on an interesting design that the rifle is in theory, going to use as a baseline. On that gun the slide and barrel are 4140 steel, while the frame is 7075 aluminum, giving it more strength than a polymer pistol of roughly the same weight. Speaking of polymer, the grip, slide cover, trigger, mag release, and safety levers are glass reinforced Nylon (Zytel), much like other Kel-Tec Pistols. A 30-round mag with witness holes provides firepower on this semi-auto gem. These guns also have dual opposing extractors for reliability, a European-style (hey George is from Sweden) heel magazine release, an internal recoil buffer and captive coaxial recoil springs.

Gun Firearm Rifle Shooting Trigger

Photo credit: Oleg Volk

Now the myth and the legend about the RMR-30 seem to have changed. First, a RMR-30 prototype made rounds at this year's Shot Show although the new RDB and M43 rifles stole the show.

Then Chad Enos from Kel Tec showed up in the past few weeks to join the IV8888 crew (Moss Pawn, RIP Barry) at their range in Georgia. The one and only Hank Strange, possibly one of the most dedicated Kel Tec fans out there, joined this brain trust.

Moreover, Chad had a working CMR-30 (as the gun will be so-designated) in tow. Check out these two videos below:

IV8888's Kel-Tec Q&A with Chad Enos: New Rifles and Kel-Tec Shortages, includes a great short piece about the new CMR-30

Shooting Kel Tec PMR 30 & CMR 30 Prototype on IV8888 Farm with Hank Strange

Is this really happening?

In short, yes.

While Kel Tec has the PMR-30 pistol very much on their site, there is no mention, glimmer, or hint of the CMR-30 rifle/carbine there or on their Facebook page.
However, what they do have on their social media page is the following statement about increased production at our favorite, all-American gun maker.

"In the last 2 years, Kel Tec has more than tripled our floor space. We've spent millions on new machinery, have gotten ISO certified...and almost doubled our workforce. Just two years ago, we were happy to make 4000 guns per MONTH. Now we make 3000 per WEEK. Hang with us folks, we are getting there."

Furthermore, as the videos show, the gun does exist and does seem to perform well albeit with the same mag trick as the PMR-30.

According to Strange and the IV888 crew, the MSRP on the handy carbine is going to be around $575 and it's due out in the third quarter of 2014, so start saving the lunch money up for fall and looking for deals on .22 mag rounds.

I'd bet you are going to need them.
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