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Finally got to the range to start breaking in my new P3AT.
The 1st 25 rounds were Armscor Precision ball ammo. The 1st magazine had 1 FTE on the 4th round fired. This was the only malfunction I experienced.
The 2nd 25 rounds were PMC Bronze ball ammo. No malfunctions.
I did discover that the pistol likes the PMC much better than the Armscor. At 10yds shooting off a bag to steady my aim the Armscor printed a 6 shot group of about 6 inches dia. while the PMC printed just under a 3 inch group.
My next trip I plan to have some WWB or Remington to try. After I get 200 rounds down the pipe I will begin shooting some defense loads. It does get uncomfortable to shoot after about 30 rounds, but that is to be expected from a pistol of its size and weight.
Overall I am very happy with the pistol at this point and looking forward to get to know it better.
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