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That New Guy!

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Hi all, and thanks for the add! Just picked up a lightly used P32 w/ (2) 7 round mags and a Blackhawk sticky pocket holster for $220. I also have a CMR-30 carbine. I've been a shooter for 50 years and have a many truckloads of rounds downrange. I hope to get to know you all, as time goes by. I have collected several .32ACP pistols including a 1903 Colt, a 1953 Beretta M35, a Walther PP and a Beretta 81BB. Have a great day!
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Welcome from SW Ohio. I like, and have a few 32’s also.
Welcome. No .32s in my stable, but I just picked up a Beretta 84BB in .380. Looking forward to taking it to the range.
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