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Test: Fail to Dishcarge when dropped

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Just so everyone here knows, I just dropped my Kel-tec p3at fully loaded with one in the chamber from a height of waist level onto a concrete surface and it did not discharge. It scared the crap out of me, but it did not discharge. Also, there is no physical damage to the gun. There is a chip in the concrete floor. Have a nice day.
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Thanks for the info I hope to never test mine...Although I once tested my S&W Model 60 while drawing from concealed. It passed the Ruger drop test too. Scariest second and a half in my life.
LittleKatie, thanks for volunteering to perform this test. :) This has been on my mind the last few days since I dropped my p3AT without one in the chamber and then read a story on a concealed carry website about a guy who dropped a loaded Kahr in a public restroom and it blew apart a toilet.
I guess I feel better about the kel-tec now since it isn't partially cocked like the Kahr and Glocks. For the record, I trust a Glock more than Kahr after reading that story.
In what position did your gun contact the concrete? The firing pin spring on the P-3AT's are stiff. I believe the gun would have to be dropped with some velocity on a hard surface right on the muzzle to fire. If that was the case, most likely no one would be in danger. I feel perfectly safe carrying mine with one in the chamber.
The muzzle did hit first. Its amazing to me, how something, all of a sudden like, can go into slow motion. Sorry for the late reply,,,,I had to change my underwear after my fail to discharge drop test!! In the short period of time that my fate was being held in limbo by the laws of gravity, all I could think about was the Ruger LCP and how the first reports of wrongful discharge had been accomplished. Was anybody hurt? Would I be posting a report from a hospital room? As I stated in earlier posts, I first was determined to purchase a Ruger LCP. But then came the recall and I changed my mind. At the moment of impact in today's impromptu field test, I was very pleased and relieved with the outcome and proud to be a Kel-Tec owner.
Drop it from 10 feet if you like.  The hammer block will not allow the P32, P3At or PF9 to drop fire.  ;)

With no hammer block, the P11 could drop fire if dropped from about 5 feet onto a hard surface directly on the muzzle.  In fact, I know of 2 such cases.  In one, the guy was throwing a frisbee I think, or maybe it was a football.  Anyway, when throwing, he slung the P11 out of it's holster and it hit the sidewalk.  The other was an LEO that left the gun loose in the toolbox of his truck.  He pulled out a tarp or some kind of gear and the gun came out with it and hit the sidewalk.  Both resulted in the round discharging into the concrete with no injury, but I wouldn't recommend trying it.  :-?
In over 20 years of shooting and several years as an Infantryman I have yet (knock on wood) to drop a firearm, but this is good to know. :cool: One of my favorite nightmares is dropping my CC piece in a public restroom and blowing apart the throne or some such. ;D
According to the local paper, a fellow ccw was not so lucky in the local Walley World rest room a few weeks ago, don't know what brand of pistol he carried. The AD occured as he was preparing to utilize the facility. :-[
I would dare say that with contemporary pistols; more people set the gun off trying the catch it as it drops than actual impact causing a discharge.
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